Daybook: August 15, 2016


Monday, August 15th

Outside my window…….the school hub-bub has died down. Today is the first day of public school and it’s always a little chaotic.

I am thinking…….about my schedule for the week. I always feel a off kilter when I return from a trip.

I am thankful for……the fact that my family places a priority on getting together and that we all have a good relationship with one another, even though we are vastly different and live far from each other.

From the kitchen…..I’m prepping a few things for this week (eggs, veggies, hummus).

I am wearing…..leggings and a tank top. Will change shortly into “real” clothes for work.

I am creating…..uh, nothing. Right now I’m trying to keep creations and projects to a minimum.

I am going…….to work later today, then to a volunteer commitment. When I get home I am going for a walk.

I am reading……..The Noonday Demon: an Atlas of Depression, by Andrew Solomon. This is a fascinating and well-written book, although I am moving through it pretty slowly. Lots to think about.

I am hoping……that we get a little rain this week.

I am hearing…..the timer for one of our lights — it’s really loud! We set them when we are out of town and this one is weirdly noisy.

Around the house…….I need to mow tonight or tomorrow. I really need to get caught up on laundry. I also want to do some kind of decluttering goal again this month, although I am not quite sure what that will be. Maybe I will set a small goal each week.

One of my favorite things……coffee made in my coffee pot, from my own freshly ground beans. I really missed this while we were away.

A few plans for the rest of the week… addition to working, I need to make sure I’ve got everything lined up for school. I may meet a friend for drinks this weekend.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….Monticello! We toured Thomas Jefferson’s home during our recent vacation. We took our oldest nieces, as I think days and days of toddler wrangling starts to wear on teens. I’m not sure that hanging out with their middle-aged aunt and uncle really tipped the scale the other direction…but at least it was a distraction! We had a good time. Thomas Jefferson was a fascinating person and his home reflected that.



4 thoughts on “Daybook: August 15, 2016

  1. It was kind of you to take your nieces to Monticello with you. We visited it several years ago and I loved it, especially the gardens. I hope you have a productive and organized week!

  2. I also think that was a wonderful thing to include your nieces in the tour of Monticello. I love that you were considerate of rewarding them for “days and days of toddler wrangling” (love that). I am positive they felt rewarded and esteemed.

    I know what you mean about feeling off-kilter after returning from holiday. Are all your holidays spent with family, or will you take time for yourselves? Yes you are lucky to be able to vacation all together as one family at least once a year. Very lucky indeed.

    I wrote a Tuesday Daybook this week

    1. Thanks, Sue! We were able to take a vacation to the Grand Canyon and other western landmarks earlier this year. That was the first vacation we’ve taken just for ourselves in a while. We’ve decided to make that a priority as well. We really love our family but it’s important for us as a couple to prioritize our time together, too

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