Meal Plan, Post-Vacation State of Things

corn and bean salad

Hello! We had a wonderful time visiting with family on our vacation last week. Michael was able to get away at the last minute so that was a very happy occasion. Because our travel plans were affected by last minute circumstances that weren’t in our control, we ended up splurging on transportation costs more than we normally would have. However, the opportunity to spend time with my entire family is something we both place a high priority on, so skipping it isn’t really optional. We got home late last night and, man, we’re zonked! In addition to Michael and myself, both of my sisters and their families attended, and of course my parents were there too. One of my sisters has 16 year old stepdaughters, and both of my sisters have two small children as well. Four children four and under is wonderful and daunting at the same time! Since we live so far away, we  cherish this time to bond with all our nieces and nephews. It just leaves us feeling exhausted by the end!

We’ve spent most of the day putzing around and working on getting some chores done (slowly). My meal plan is simple,  but involves a decent amount of meal prep. I was reminded this afternoon why I hate grocery shopping on Sundays. Unfortunately, Sundays are my best day for meal prep, so I need to figure something out. Once school starts on the 22nd, I will not have a full day off other than Sunday, so really need to be wise in how I use my time. That is a rumination for another day, though. Right now, my planned meals are below.

Other recipes for lunches, etc.

  1. Black Bean& Corn Salad
  2. Honey Lime Fruit Salad
  3. Black Bean Hummus

Food Prep

  • Thaw ground beef and turkey
  • Thaw chicken breasts
  • Thaw black beans
  • Boil eggs
  • Make hummus
  • Make black bean salad
  • Make fruit salad
  • Chop up veggies for crudite
  • Pickle cabbage, carrots & onions



2 thoughts on “Meal Plan, Post-Vacation State of Things

  1. How wonderful that your husband was able to join you at the last minute! It sounds like you had a grand – if exhausting – time! Good luck with all your prep work and cooking this week.

    1. Thanks!! I’m looking forward to my own cooking after a week away, so that’s a little motivation. 😉

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