Grocery Haul: Aldi, Publix

In theory this was going to be a week of light shopping. In actuality…I ended up going a bit over budget, but several things were stock ups for next month, so I’m not all that broken up about it. I only went to Aldi and Publix this time around.


Aldi, 7/27/16

  • Boneless, skinless chicken breast, 9.39lbs @ $1.69/lb
  • Vanilla kefir, 1 qt @ $2.79
  • Eggs, 3 dozen @ $.69/dozen
  • Sour cream, 2 pints @ $1.19/ea
  • Heavy cream, 1 pint @ $1.89
  • Sliced mushrooms, 2 8oz @ $.79/ea
  • Cauliflower, 1 head @ $1.99
  • Baby carrots, 2lbs @ $.49/lb
  • Plantains, 2 @ $.33/ea
  • Green bell peppers, 6 peppers @ $.50/ea
  • Oranges, 2 4lb bags @ $1.99/ea
  • Large tortillas, 2 pkgs @ $1.99/ea
  • Shredded wheat cereal, 1 box @ $1.89

Total: $42.83

I have been out of chicken for a while and knew I wanted to stock up today if it was available. I was pleased to be able to get two packs. I needed the two packages of tortillas for the freezer burritos I’m making today. I will also freeze the green peppers. Actually I plan to stuff them, I think and freeze the stuffed peppers for quick and simple meals. Luckily they will last a while in the fridge as I don’t think I’ll have time to do that until the weekend. I also stocked up on oranges because we love them! And the eggs will last a while. These three dozen purchased today mean I have six dozen in my fridge. I will be making omelette cups for breakfast and snack this weekend, too, I think.


Aldi, 7/23/16

  • Eggs, 3 dozen @ $.69/doz
  • Sharp cheddar slices, 1 pkg @ $1.79
  • Cantaloupe @ $.99
  • Half and half, 1 qt @ $1.89
  • Seltzer water, 2L @ $.69/ea
  • Balsamic glaze @ $2.49
  • Dried basil @ $.99
  • Brown rice, 4lbs @ $.60/lb
  • Sweet potato chips @ $1.99
  • Kettle chips @ $1.79

Total: $17.76

My big plan to stay out of the store on weekend nights fizzled when I realized I would be out of half and half. Since surviving without coffee, and coffee without cream, are not options…I stopped on my way home from work. I’ve been keeping a protein bar in my purse, though, so happily wasn’t as fuzzy-minded in the store as I had been last week. I still ended up with more than I was planning on. Mostly because the eggs were a great price and we really needed some and then the brown rice was also a great price AND I never see it at Aldi, so I have learned to snap up what is available when I see it. This also explains the balsamic glaze. I have no excuse for the chips other than my husband requested them and who am I to say no?

Publix 072516

Publix, 7/26/16

  • Whole wheat bread, 2 loaves @ $3.35
  • Coffee filters, 200 @ $3.99
  • 1% milk, half gal @ $2.50
  • Ice cream sandwiches, 1 box @ $4.00
  • Pink Lady apples, 3.38lb @ $1.99/lb (not pictured)
  • M&Ms, 2 bags @ $3.79 (not pictured)
  • Donuts, 4 @ $1.80 (not pictured)

Total: $26.72

This was a dumb trip. Brought about by having no coffee filters on hand and also needing some treats for a work event. The M&Ms and donuts went to work. And we opened the ice cream sandwiches before I remembered to take a picture. Oops. 😉

Weekly Total: $87.31

Monthly Total: $353.04

Meh. I was aiming to stay under $329.29 this month since I went a bit over in June. I overshot by $25, so not awful. And I did some unexpected stocking up this week that will carry over into next month and hopefully help make August an easy low-budget month. We shall see.



2 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: Aldi, Publix

  1. The eggs were $1.19 at my Aldi but they’ll be $0.79 next week.

    I saw the Fit & Active brown rice at my store this morning too and thought of you! I’m glad you grabbed it as they don’t stock it on a permanent basis.

    I bought 2 bags of the oranges too but I haven’t tasted them yet. I hope they’re as good as the California ones were (these are from Chili).

    I need to keep an eye on my cantaloupe because it’s been rotting fast in the past. I need to inspect it every morning and cut it up as soon as it’s ripe. I picked one that was hard on purpose since I bought a ton of fruit today.

    Good for you to have stocked up on chicken breasts. I almost did too but I need to inventory my freezer first. My inventory spreadsheet tells me I have plenty of it but I know for a fact that I slacked off and forgot to cross off several things as I was defrosting them. So I might be completely out of it for all I know but my spreadsheet thinks I have several 2-packs of them.

    I shamefully admit that I can’t tell the difference between putting half and half, cream, creamer, or milk in my coffee. As long as it’s not black, I don’t mind either, lol. I use milk at home since that’s what we have on hand. I snag packets of flavored half creamer at RaceTrac when I redeem a code for free coffee, though.

    1. Ah, sacrilege! I try not to be too much of a snob about food, but coffee with anything other than cream or half and half…is just the saddest thing to me. You’ve noticed I take my coffee fairly seriously. 😉

      I think the oranges are pretty good; Michael thinks they are a little tart. I almost let my cantaloupe go too far, but luckily caught it in time. It’s actually really good. I don’t buy them that often because of that reason, no matter where I buy them I have the same problem. My chicken breasts are HUGE. There were four in each pack and each pack was well over four pounds. It’s funny you mentioned your spreadsheet; I was convinced I still had more in my freezer so hadn’t pick any up the last few times they were on sale.

      It’s so crazy to me that eggs are still high for you. I’m always curious about the economics and logic of that from a business standpoint.

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