Decluttering Challenge: July 15 – 21

I didn’t manage to photograph everything this week, but I’ll note that in the list. I did ok this week. I need to start really dedicating more than 10-15 minutes to this and work on clearing out some specific areas. But I’m pleased that I got this much done anyway.

  1. 16 notebooks (13 pictured, then I found three more)
  2. 1 jewelry box
  3. 1 small ceramic planter/crock
  4. 1 more notebook
  5. 1 booklight
  6. 21 plastic cups
  7. 2 large binders
  8. 1 bottle orange metamucil
  9. 1 multi-plug
  10. 7 boxes (1 missing from photo)
  11. 5 assorted pet feeders
  12. 2 litter boxes (not pictured)
  13. 1 box assorted paper junk (=10)
  14. 2 unused bath sponges/loofahs
  15. 4 bottles/tubes of smelly lotion that I cannot use (3 not pictured)
  16. 2 votive holders
  17. 3 sets of headphones
  18. 1 adapter
  19. 2 pillows (not pictured)

This should be around 73 items. I feel a bit disingenuous counting each cup….but…oh well. There were way more pieces of paper in that box than 10. 😉 I decided to take my own advice (given to Bless regarding some notebooks she was decluttering) and gathered up these partially used notebooks to take to work tomorrow. They will find a home in the children’s department. Other things of note — the metamucil is something I bought incorrectly when one of our cats needed, uh, some stimulation. The vet recommended adding a small amount to her wet food. And I was almost out of the first container and didn’t realize I picked up orange. And then the issue resolved itself and that container has been in the cupboard for years. It’s gone now! We also managed to accumulate a number of feeding dishes and along with the littler boxes (which were designs that our cats just didn’t take to, so they are clean and almost new) and some other things which I will collect this week, they are being donated to the humane society. A lot of these items ended up recycled or tossed, but that is still a form of decluttering. As long as it’s something that’s been sitting around for ages taking up space…I’ve decided it’s ripe for the decluttering challenge.



4 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge: July 15 – 21

  1. I am so impressed with how much you are getting rid of. Here I had been content to just declutter 10 items per week. I need to get busier!

    1. I really wasn’t kidding when I said I could do this level of decluttering forever! It’s really a bit appalling how much stuff I have…

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