Meals This Week: July 17 – 22

First, some highlights from last week, clockwise starting with top left:

  • Chicken and snap pea stir-fry, rice
  • Hummus plate
  • Peach galette
  • Pork chops with rich pan sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, green peas

The pork chops, potatoes and peas were all amazing. One of those meals where everything comes together and is perfect alone as well as a compliment to the other dishes. Meals this week are simple and rely mostly on what we have on hand (in no particular order):

  • Simple Veggie Fried Rice
  • Beef and Bean Chile, Cornbread
  • Broccoli Cheese Soup, Biscuits
  • Hot Dogs, Sweet Potato Fries, Waldorf Salad
  • Korean-style Chicken over Rice, Garlicky Greens

I’m not doing a ton of food prep this week as everything listed is pretty quick and simple. We also have a ton of granola still from when I made it in the crock pot a couple of weeks ago (I made a HUGE batch). I will boil some eggs and make egg salad for lunches, some chex mix for snacking and some cookies. I very nobly put back the chocolate I had pulled off the shelf while shopping so I decided to reward my restraint by baking with the supplies I have on hand.


4 thoughts on “Meals This Week: July 17 – 22

  1. Your food photos look lovely. I don’t usually post pictures of food (I have some), but they don’t really look good. It’s an art form. And. I don’t make meal plans. I don’t stick with them anyways. I usually give it a passing thought around breakfast time as I unload the dishwasher, so I can take out something from the freezer. So lazy.

    1. Thank you! My sisters and I share photos of what we’re cooking (we all like to cook and live far away from each other) so I’ve gotten the point where getting our dinners to look somewhat good is pretty easy.

      I’m somewhere in the middle of being a committed meal planner and a total punter. When I’m out of the house quite a bit, which I have been lately, I really do best with some kind of plan. I don’t put days on it and it’s really there to remind me of what I have hanging around. I may actually make something completely different using the same ingredients. 🙂

  2. Your list of meals reads like a good restaurant’s menu and I wouldn’t know what to choose! That peach galette looks goooood. Just seeing the word “galette” makes me salivate 🙂

    1. The galette was delicious! I think I prefer them to traditional pies, although I certainly wouldn’t turn down a good piece of pie, either. I glazed this one with the small amount of “tropical sunrise” jam I had in the fridge and it was quite nice.

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