Daybook: 7/18/16


Monday July 18th

Good morning! Happy to report that I am feeling much better this week. Although still very tired, but I think that is residual sleep loss. Hopefully I can catch up this week.

Outside my window…….a few cars are passing by. In the backyard all of our furniture is pulled up on our tiny patio from our yard work yesterday. My computer is right in the middle of our great room, so I can see both front and back yard from here.

I am thinking…….about various home economics and getting back to a basic frugality in my shopping that I feel I have lost over the past couple of months.

I am thankful for……having money set aside to cover unexpected expenses (hello, ac repair).

From the kitchen…..not much is happening today. I will boil some eggs before leaving for work but most of my food prep this week will either fall around our normal dinner hour or on Wednesday, my full day off.

I am wearing…..pjs!

I am creating…..a somewhat tidier home through this decluttering project! 😉

I am going…….to Goodwill this morning before work and then stopping by the grocery store on my way home. Also stopping by  Cold Stone Creamery for a treat — to use up a gift card and with a BOGO coupon our ice cream should be totally free.

I am reading……..two cookbooks on making and cooking with fermented foods.

I am hoping……that the AC repair is ultimately not too, too bad.

I am hearing…..a plane overhead.

Around the house…….cats are napping and Michael is at work.

One of my favorite things……sleeping cats.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..include washing off the patio furniture, continuing to declutter, making dental appointments, other paperwork, sewing (I hope), catching up with my sisters.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….Bryce Canyon, UT. One of the places we visited during our vacation in May. Such an odd and unique landscape.



4 thoughts on “Daybook: 7/18/16

  1. Love the photo you shared. I have been to the Badlands so I know that this kind of landscape exists, but even so, it is quite incredible. This particular site is remarkable.

    You have quite the list of accomplishments you want to achieve this week. You must be feeling very ambitious. If I can get my 10 things a day purged for Friday, and get a wedding card made for Saturday, I will feel blessed. I would just like to survive the heat this week. So glad you were able to get your AC repaired.

    My list can be found here

    1. Thanks Susan! We’re waiting on the repair, actually, but it should be pretty simple (we hope). I hope I can get everything done — my lists always seem to include a number of stretch goals!

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Laura! Good luck with the AC repair. Is the repairman coming soon? I couldn’t imagine not having AC right now. It’s been running nonstop since I got up!

    1. Thanks Nathalie! Actually we’re able to get the AC to run, we just have to do it manually. Michael did some troubleshooting and thinks he knows what the problem is; hopefully the repair person will concur. Neither of us feel comfortable actually making the repair ourselves. We haven’t had anyone out yet, but since we can make it work it’s not as dreadful as it might otherwise be! The humidity is terrible right now!

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