Decluttering Challenge: July 8-14

I’ve been steadily plugging away at my decluttering goal for this month. I don’t always manage to get 10 items per day (or go through one box) but I figure if I end up with the right amount of things by the end of the week, I am still doing well. This week I don’t have 70 items, exactly, but I did get through a drawer and an office tray which resulted in well over ten items landing in file 13. I’m counting the drawer and the tray as box equivalents, fyi. Anyway, collected photos first and then the list documenting what is leaving the house.

  1. 4 pots of unopened eye makeup
  2. small box of assorted jewelry
  3. 3 packs kitty claw covers (these were a major failure for our cats)
  4. 2 card wallets
  5. 4 books/magazines (recycled)
  6. 3 assorted hair clips
  7. 1 mini water gun
  8. 1 pack playing cards
  9. 16 cookie cutters
  10. 1 office tray — cleared out, counting as a solid 10
  11. 1 drawer — cleared out, counting as a solid 10
  12. 6 pillows (all washed and dried before donating, don’t worry)
  13. 8 cocktail napkins

If I count my “boxes” as 10 each, I’m right at 69. So one under my goal. Except of course the box of jewelry has several pieces in it. So I’m gonna count it as goal met. 😉 Also, all of this stuff has been loaded into my car for delivery to goodwill tomorrow (or set aside for those who indicated they wanted it).

This past week was all off for me, but I’m feeling back on my game. I want to post these each Friday, which is why this particular round-up only goes through the 14th.


4 thoughts on “Decluttering Challenge: July 8-14

    1. Thanks Bless! It’s super encouraging to take photos and have this record of what I accomplished.

  1. Oh-oh. I didn’t realize it was ten items a DAY. Now that I am catching up on the rules of the game, I will do better this week. Did Bless start us on this challenge?? I ought to give credit to the ringleader. I just happened to notice that you and Nathalie were in on this. I will have to go over to Bless’ blog and introduce myself. Great job, BTW. I also figure that if it totals up at the end of the week, you have succeeded.

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