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I have been super tired lately. Not sleeping all that well and struggling with some anxiety. Both are familiar faces around here, unfortunately. It starts to get me down when I’m not as engaged in things as I usually am and when I can’t get to all the things I think I should. But I have managed to get things done in small increments and some of the small things I’ve done have made me happy. So I thought I’d write a list to remind myself that little things add up.

  • Washed the dishes every night
  • Kept up with the decluttering challenge.
  • Got part of the yard mowed
  • Made a pie for work and a smaller galette for my husband (who feels sad when I bake things for others 🙂 )
  • Worked late and got quite a few things accomplished
  • Cuddled with cats
  • Reorganized and pared down the pet supplies into mostly one box
  • Cleaned out the drawer in the living room console table
  • Deep cleaned the bathroom (in steps)
  • Made the bed every morning
  • Took naps and read some romance novels 😉

What do you do when you’re feeling down or just not well?

6 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Is the anxiety causing the lack of /bad quality of sleep, do you think? I never sleep well when I’m anxious. But if I’m depressed, all I want to do is sleep. Do you know what is causing your anxiety specifically? Or do you think it could be linked to your hormonal cycle?

    I have found that nature will help my anxiety. For me sitting on the porch and observing the birds or hearing them call from tree to tree is distracting and very soothing. Unfortunately, right now the heat isn’t allowing me to do this. Can you exercise? Are you getting enough vitamin D?

    Petting your cats, practicing deep breathing exercises, staying away from the news… those might be helpful things as well.

    Romance novels and chocolate sound good to me too! I used to be a huge romance novel enthusiast (Nora Roberts, take me away!) for the longest time. The last time I was on a romance kick, a couple of years back, I bought e-books from the Harlequin Blaze series (oh my!) but since Greg and I share an Amazon account, all those half naked men kept on showing up on his Kindle and he was giving me guff about it, lol.

    I’m very impressed that you did the dishes every single night, Laura!

    I wish I could help more. I hope you sleep better tonight.

    PS: if you have any romance novel recommendations, let’s hear them. I might run out of thrillers to read soon!

    1. The anxiety and the insomnia go hand in hand. I do generally not always sleep well, but when I’m anxious it gets worse. And probably I am a bit worked up about starting school and all that. I do need to exercise regularly, a walk everyday or yoga really help out. But of course when I’m anxious/depressed I have a hard time motivating myself. And for real I can only read the news. I never watch it. I have a low tolerance for reporter idiocy, which I feel is rife. And then the actual news just seems overwhelming in live action. Ugh. It will be ok. This afternoon I definitely started to feel better. But thanks for all the good thoughts!!!

      Also, lol on the romance novel covers. Yeah. Michael is amused by all the almost naked men. 😉 My romance tastes are all over the map, but if you like historicals I really like Grace Burrowes. She has a zillion books but I’d maybe start with the Windham series. Also I really like Mary Balogh for historical authors, especially her recent Survivors series.

  2. I’m impressed that you make the bed every single morning. One of my deepest, darkest secrets is the fact that I do not make my bed in the mornings, nor did I make my kids do it. I told myself that I must have some Scandinavian blood because at some point in my life I thought it was a cultural thing. However, in looking at Google, I can’t find the evidence to back that theory. I did find out though that the health community is divided on the subject of bed-making. Some argue that it is a trap for dust mites to flourish, but other professionals say that it is necessary to maintain a good positive mental outlook towards the day. Since the only time I make the bed is when I change the sheets or just before I get into the bed, I will choose to believe the experts that support my theory. I change out my sheets once a week. In summer, I use cold water but hang them in the sun to dry. In the winter, I use hot water and use the dryer. So I am guessing that I am concerned about the little dust mites staying clean, dry and happy. *laugh*

    I have had a lifetime of battling major chronic depression and anxiety disorder. It has taken years, but I am finally on a medication that works for me. Still it is a fine balancing act between insulating myself against life and forcing myself to engage. You will gradually get better at it. I can relate to your “little things”, as it gives you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you connected. Feeling overwhelmed is not a good thing, so you have to accept that the little things do add up. Good luck.

    1. Maybe having a tastefully rumpled bed seems very European? 😉 I will say that I feel a lot calmer when my bed is made. However I can exist fairly well in sorts of other chaos, so I’m not sure what that says about me at all!

      I’m so glad you found a medication that works for you! I have come to terms that that depression and anxiety are beasts that are just part of my life and I have to learn how to manage them. Rather than just expecting them to go away. Actually I’ve been much more successful in handling it when I just acknowledge that it’s a part of my makeup. Thank you for the encouragement. While I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it is nice to hear from others who understand.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, but good of you to attend to all the little things. They do add up and give us a sense of accomplishment. When I feel anxious, I pray; when I feel down, I count my blessings. It sounds very trite, I know, but it really does help me. I hope you feel better, soon. (((HUGS)))

    1. Counting blessings is definitely helpful. It’s good to be reminded of all that I do have.

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