Day Book: July 11, 2016


Monday July 11th

Good morning! I was so tired yesterday. I’m hoping that I have a bit more energy today.

Outside my window…….the back yard is mowed! Well, half of it. This is my chore and I’m terrible about getting it done. So it gets really awful and finally I can’t take it any more but my mower really can’t take it so I can only do half at a time. I would be more diligent if it was the front yard that people see, but…it’s not. I do have plans to make the back yard more habitable and I think that as those come together I will be more invested in keeping it neat and tidy as well.

I am thinking…….about our upcoming family vacation and what I need to do before we leave (this isn’t for a while, but six nieces and nephews will be there — I like to have things planned for us to do together).

I am thankful for……a fairly flexible work schedule.

From the kitchen…..I have hard boiled eggs cooling so that I can peel them and I am getting ready to prep some veggie burgers. I had great plans to do a lot of meal prep this weekend and then a couple of things happened: I was exhausted yesterday and I am completely out of chicken breast, which had me reevaluating my planned recipes. So instead I went through the freezer and pulled out some freezer meals and other things that have been languishing in the depths for a while. We’re not going to eat along a nice theme as I had originally hoped, but it will still be good food. And, best of all, I don’t really need to make any special trips to the store.

I am wearing…..pjs. I don’t like to change into work clothes until after I do my morning chores as I am prone to spills and messes.

I am creating…..not much.

I am going…….to work this afternoon, then ferrying a friend around for some errands and then stopping at Publix.

I am reading……..Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison. It’s an older but well-regarded survey of how and why people commit suicide. I also have a more recent book about depression checked out. These books are very, very interesting but not exactly light reading. (Still reading this — I only dip into them occasionally, which is why this is taking so long!)

I am hoping……that the temps cool enough that a nice long walk outside is comfortable this evening.

I am hearing…..birds in the backyard.

Around the house…….cats are lounging, Michael is at work and I’m slowly feeling like I can surmount this crazy amount of clutter just by taking it slowly and working on a small number or items at a time.

One of my favorite things……snuggling with my cats. I have two cats that really, really like cuddles and it is very sweet. The others are a bit more finicky or they prefer Michael. In general, my cats are some of my favorite things in this world and I am happy that I get to observe them in all their weird and wonderful glory everyday.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..the usual work schedule, some visitations for my volunteer work and maybe a trip out for ice cream. I also want to visit our “farmers” market — really it’s more of a wholesale market, not stuff direct from the fields — and see if I can get good looking peaches.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….our hibiscus are blooming and they’re so pretty. This is an older picture, but the same plant so the blooms are much the same.



4 thoughts on “Day Book: July 11, 2016

  1. OMG!! Your hibiscus is absolutely stunning. What variety is that? It looks like a double bloom. I haven’t seen anything like that.

    Mu husband and I would take our kids to vacation with the rest of my family. I was the one who usually put together a box of DVDs, books, crafts and the like to keep all the kids entertained when they ran out of their own imaginative play. I called it my “Rainy Day” box. I would also gather recipes and ingredients for them to make a simple snack, like dirt cups (chocolate pudding. crushed oreo cookies and gummy worms) Those were good times, so I am liking the fact that you are doing that for your nephews and nieces. Love it.

    Isn’t it wonderful that you have alternatives for your planned menu this week. It is great to have freezer meals for those times you are not feeling up to snuff. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    My daybook is here

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thank you — it is a pretty flower! I confess that I have no idea what variety it is; it was already part of the garden when we bought the house.

      Rainy Day boxes are exactly what I’m trying to put together. Although they don’t require rain. 😉 My nieces and nephews range in age from 16 – 1 yo, so it can be tough figuring out ways to make everyone feel included. And of course the little ones have a more housebound schedule because of naps and so on.

      I am SO grateful for my freezer meals this week. Not sure why I’m so tired, but they’re really helping me out today.

      I’m looking forward to checking out your daybook.

  2. I second Susan on your hibiscus, it’s really gorgeous. It’s like a hibiscus in petticoats!

    We’ve turned into cat people… we usually talk about the cats more than we talk about our kids or anything else, lol. My dad and stepmom used to drive me nuts with their cats when they finally got some because they never were cat people before and all of a sudden that’s ALL they were interested in. Thankfully we have other interests and I don’t really talk about my cats outside of our immediate family and my blog, but sometimes it does feel like our lives revolve around them, lol.

    I think you should take it easy this week and rest as much as you can. It’s nice that you can fish already prepared meals out of your freezer so at least you won’t be overspending by going out or ordering in (which is what I would do!).

    1. The cats are totally part of our conversation. Although I try to not go on about them to non-cat people. You may not be surprised to discover that the library is full of cat people, though. Ha.

      I’m definitely scaling back this week. I just stayed home all day. And the stuff from the freezer is so helpful! It’s a nice stretch of my creative muscles to come up with what we have on hand, too.

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