Unexpected Blessings


One focus in decluttering this week has been the contents of various bags, purses, and wallets I have lying around the house. There isn’t much to show from these because often what I get rid of is really just trash. Which is fantastic, but I draw the line at taking a picture of crumpled paper and linty mints.

Anyway, in the course of clearing out these bags and wallets I’ve compiled over $200 in gifts cards. This is both a lovely little blessing and also…kind of an annoying reflection on myself. I am really terrible at keeping track of stuff like this. Some of these gift cards are YEARS old. I’ve consolidated everything into one wallet and I’m hoping that by doing so I will remember to actually put these cards to use BEFORE I get out my own hard earned cash. I want to handle this a little better than just splurging on things I want, but I also don’t see much point in hanging onto them, either.


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessings

  1. $200?! I need to go declutter… brb 🙂

    You reminded me, though, as I was laughing, that last year I bought some Amazon gift cards on discount (I can’t remember what the deal was) and planned on giving them to the kids for their various birthdays or Christmas and the other day I realized that I still had one. I can’t remember how much it’s good for, but I need to put it somewhere so I don’t forget about it. I’m very good at putting things in obscure places thinking “surely, I will remember that I put it there because it just makes sense, it’s the first place where I would look!” and then taking 2 steps and having completely forgotten about the thing or the place.

    Anyhoo, congrats on your discovery! Yes, you forgot about them but it’s kind of an enforced emergency fund, isn’t it? Regardless of how much you might be kicking yourself for losing track of them, that’s good to be an awesome feeling now that you have found them again. Are they all for “frivolous” places? Will you be able to treat yourselves to some fun stuff or are they more the generic kind that you might be able to use at the grocery store?

    Also… i need to make a note not to take pictures of “pieces of lint and crumpled paper”, lol.

    1. Haha, I was tempted to take photos of the trash, just to prove I was doing something. 😉

      I’m certainly not sneezing at this little gold mine. Some of my irritation is about my organizational skills (or lack thereof) in general. They are split about half between frivolous and practical. Which is nice. A couple are for department stores, too, so they’ll come in handy when we need to spruce up our wardrobe. In fact, I feel just such a need coming on… 🙂

    1. Great idea! I’ve used one already for some groceries, but I also have one for an ice cream place that I can feel burning a hole in my pocket. 😉 That will be a nice treat during this hot weather.

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