Decluttering, Week of July 3

A long, long time ago when I started this blog it was private and I was (very irregularly) using it to keep track of my weight loss and personal organization efforts. To quite literally lose the junk in my trunk. But now it’s a log of primarily my efforts in the kitchen and at the grocery store, with small forays into other domestic arenas. HOWEVER. The need to lose stuff has never really gone away; I was just never very successful in making it happen. This month I’ve been influenced by Bless at My Two Cents to start my own decluttering campaign. She is getting rid of one additional item each day. I am sticking to a regular goal of 10 items each day. I could probably get rid of that many items everyday into perpetuity, but I’m hoping this acts as a jump start into some more comprehensive decluttering, minimizing and general organization. But even if it doesn’t I’ll hopefully unload 300 items this month!

Rather than posting a photo of what I declutter everyday, I’m going to post about my efforts on a weekly basis. I am taking pictures, but they’re pretty awful at the moment. My goal is mostly to just get the stuff OUT with a token at documentation. Because the documentation does keep me accountable but it’s one of those things I could get really caught up in, waiting for the best light or arranging things to be aesthetically pleasing. I have terrible willpower and also an incredible capacity to get stuck in processes, so I’m not letting myself linger.

So. Lots of words to explain that I’m getting rid of things this month. First is a collage of not great photos and then my list of items decluttered is below that.

  • 8 items of dry goods from the pantry. Most donated to the food pantry, but I had to throw out the salad dressing as it was LOOOOOONG past the expiration date.
    • ketchup
    • stevia packets (2 boxes)
    • 4 cans of soup
    • 1 bottle salad dressing
  • 4 craft books
  • 24 magazines
  • lidded cup with straw
  • personalized toiletry bag — I know it has my name on it, but I never use it and I’m confident that someone out there either won’t care or actually has the same first name (it’s not exactly rare)
  • 1 tote bag
  • 1 small tin
  • light for running or biking
  • headphones
  • small portfolio
  • 2016 calendar
  • small plate stand
  • plastic folder
  • 2 bags beading and craft supplies
  • 4 boxes beads and beading supplies

And that’s it! 52 items. Slightly more than 10 items per day (since the 3rd). The biggest challenge for me is finding a decluttering task that can be either finished or packed up in a reasonable amount of time. Part of my overall problem is that I start projects and either run out of time (because they take longer than I think and I need to go to bed, to work, somewhere) or energy and just stop.



4 thoughts on “Decluttering, Week of July 3

  1. Good job! Yes, I could see (from what you’ve said before) how taking a lot of photos would sidetrack you since you’d want to stage them right, lol. Every time I take a crappy picture of my groceries, I keep you in mind and try to change the angle so you can’t see all the other crap all around, but most of the time I just get impatient and end up taking the crappy picture, telling myself that I’ll do better with the staging some other time 🙂

    Man, I have bottles of Ken’s salad dressings that I bought years ago. There are so many preservatives in those that I don’t believe they ever go bad, lol. Well, we’ve never died from using them, at least.

    I was going to declutter my son’s room today (and would probably come up with the 300 items all at once!) but my headache just won’t stay away so I think we’ll try to do that next week instead.

    1. Generally I am not too worried about expiration dates, but the color had changed and we no longer like the flavor, so…out it went. But yeah, we’ve never had any bad experiences with out of date things like that either.

      I hope your headache goes away and that you feel better soon!

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