Day Book: July 4, 2016


Monday July 4th

Happy 4th of July! I’m thrilled that it looks like our day is going to be mostly clear, since the last week has been quite rainy. Of course, the humidity is still out of control, but they should be able have our fireworks display without any trouble.

Outside my window…….the sun is shining and it’s quite lovely. The flowers and plants are starting to droop a bit, though, as the temperature keeps climbing and the humidity is pretty high (83%).

I am thinking…….about my parents, who are vacationing in the West this week, visiting Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies. They seem to be having a great time.

I am thankful for……relief from yesterday’s migraine. I was not terribly productive until after 5PM yesterday as my headache was just terrible. I HATE being sick on days off (well, I don’t enjoy it any time) and that makes twice this week that I spent most of the day in bed rather than getting things done. But. Better one day in bed and improved health the next day vs. over doing it and prolonging my headache.

From the kitchen…..I am working on some meal prep for this week. I had hoped to do this yesterday, but luckily the holiday means I have some extra time to get this done. Last night I made more granola (a double batch, so hopefully it will last a bit longer). Today, in addition to the hamburgers and picnic type fare we’re having for the 4th, I’m cooking up a big pot of brown rice, some black beans, roasting veggies, making hummus and guacamole, boiling eggs and making fajita style chicken. Later in the week I’ll make the baba ganoush I never got around to making last week and pita bread to go along with it. This should make both Mexican and Asian style rice bowls possible for lunches and quick dinners.

I am wearing…..denim shorts and a tank top. It’s hot!

I am creating…..lots of food. Also I’m working on some little zip pouches for friends. I need to order more zippers, actually! Still working on both of these projects (food is ongoing…).

I am going…….to BJs and a few other stores,  to take advantage of a few sales.

I am reading……..Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison. It’s an older but well-regarded survey of how and why people commit suicide. I also have a more recent book about depression checked out. These books are very, very interesting but not exactly light reading. (Still reading this!)

I am hoping……to FaceTime with my nieces later today. They are 3 and 1. It’s always a fun time. 😉

I am hearing…..the AC running and my husband clicking away on his computer, probably killing some digital bad guys or creating a SIMs style city.

Around the house…….I’m planning to work on my decluttering goal. Yesterday I didn’t manage this because of my headache, but I should have no problem culling 20 items today.

One of my favorite things……indulging in a Lord of the Rings marathon with my husband. We do this at least once a year and we started last night with Fellowship of the Rings. We’ll probably only get through the 2nd movie today, but that will give us something fun to do later this week.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..getting together with a friend at a 50s themed diner (all the dishes are named after songs and movie stars from the 50s, I think), working, looking up recipes and activities to do together with my sisters and nieces/nephews while we’re all together on our family vacation, writing cards to some family members. I may pick up some additional cherries and make cherry jam, too.

Here is a picture I am sharing…granola with kefir and fresh fruit. My new favorite way to eat both the kefir and the granola. So yummy!

granola and kefir


7 thoughts on “Day Book: July 4, 2016

  1. That’s it, get more plates out because we’re coming to eat at your place for the 4th, lol!

    LOTR Marathon! How fun! Greg and I have one every Christmas break. We bought the whole series on BluRay last year so we made ourselves watch every minute of the “extras” too…. it went on for DAYS but it was super interesting. Enjoy your marathon… you’re making me wish it were Christmas, lol.

    So your hubby is a gamer too! What games does he play? Is he a PC gamer? Greg plays both on PC and Xbox One. Our son plays on PC. Video games make me physically sick (motion sickness) and I’d rather do other things so I don’t play myself (apart from the occasional Hidden Object games or Mahjong. A few years back I was obsessed with “Chocolatier”)

    I’m sorry you had migraines this past week. That sounds awful. Do you think the humidity/air pressure is causing them? I hope you’re feeling better and will have a long respite from this.

    Have a happy Fourth!

    1. Haha, I’m sure they’ll be enough food! 🙂 We’ve done this over Christmas, too, but I was feeling like LOTR this weekend so here we are. Michael is exclusively a PC gamer. We’ve talked about an x-box or something, but I don’t game really at all and he is so comfortable with the PC that I don’t think we’d get any real use out of a different system.

      My migraines are probably impacted by the humidity for sure. But they are also brought on by hormones and stress. I think I’ll be good once this week passes. I hope.

      Happy 4th to you guys too!

  2. Wow! You have a lot of fun plans for the day. My days never seem long enough to get that much packed into it. Ha. After I wrote my DayBook, commented on Nathalie’s and looked for yours, I went outside to do some weeding. I didn’t get back inside until after 1 PM. I had lunch and now I feel I could sleep the rest of the day. But I hope to do some stamping and water-colouring instead. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your marathon. My Sweetie and I are still “marathoning ” Downton Abbey. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I just couldn’t imagine how debilitating that could be.

    1. I may have been a bit overambitious — ha. I can imagine that spending a couple of hours outside has you tired. I love good time in the sun, but it really wears you out! I hope your stamping and water-coloring goes well. Do you paint pictures or do you watercolor your stamp designs? My dad is a watercolor artist, too.

      We’ve never finished Downton Abbey. We got to season three and just fell off the wagon. I’d kind of like to pick it back up, but am not a big TV watcher so don’t know when that will actually happen.

      1. We fell off the Downton Abbey road after season 3 as well, I think. Now that it’s all over, I’d like to start watching it again in theory, but in reality we never seem to be in the mood for it.

  3. Sounds like a great 4th. We spent the day at the lake place and we never even left the porch. We read and napped and ate and read and napped and ate and . . .

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