July Goals


Some of these are ongoing projects, but many are just things that need to get done. And some are just for fun! Also, I’m tracking this list from today, July 3rd, through Friday, August 5th. I’d go through August 6th, but I’ll be out of town. I work better when my months and weeks align, rather than sticking to strict calendar dates.

  1. Stick to a minimal tidying routine — I have gotten so off-track, lately. Need a little nudge to get back in this habit.
    1. Make bed
    2. Clean up (wipe down/sweep) bathroom
    3. Laundry
    4. 15 minutes end of day put away
    5. Wash dishes and wipe down counter/stove
  2. Declutter 10 items every day (or go through one box, I am the queen of throwing things in a box for sorting later)
  3. Yoga or a walk every day
  4. 10 – 12 gym visits
  5. Track food — for nutrition but also for accountability here (am I eating what I’m buying for groceries, etc)
  6. Mow back yard weekly
  7. Eradicate the raspberry vine from hell
  8. Make 10 zip pouches
  9. Quilt Bri’s quilt
  10. Make quilt tops for twins
  11. Eat at home except:
    1. lunch with co-workers, twice
    2. dates with friends, twice
    3. date with husband, twice
  12. Blog about remainder of trip to AZ
  13. Sort through vacation photos and make a photo book
  14. Write or call my grandmother three times
  15. Plan an “un-birthday” party and other activities for family vacation
  16. Brush cats every day
  17. Sit down and workout a savings plan for some specific (rather in the future) home renovations
  18. Apply for a position at local community college (interim)
  19. Go hiking or bird watching with my husband at least twice this month
  20. Catch up with an old friend
  21. Schedule doctor and dental appointments for both myself and husband
  22. Complete incentive activities to add funds to HSA

2 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. Good luck with (everything) the job posting!

    How long do you brush the cats for when you brush them every day? Our son brushes the cats once a week and he spends about 15 minutes per cat. They haven’t been brushed in 3 weeks so they’re shedding all over the place. If it weren’t for the fact that hairless cats are really ugly and creap me out, that’s the type of cat I’d go for, lol.

    I really need to make myself do the dishes every day. Arrgh.

    1. I have not been diligent about keeping up with brushing them, so we really do have cat hair everywhere. With six cats I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, but letting go for a little bit has taught me that it can always get worse. Ugh. Anyway, I spend about 10-20 minutes brushing the cats. I don’t get each one every day and I have some cats who shed buckets and others who don’t (this doesn’t correspond to short and long hair, either, which is odd). I also have a few who are really sensitive and don’t like the way the brush feels, so I can only get a few swipes in before they run away.
      Yeah. I love having a clean and tidy kitchen when I wake up but I am not always so motivated to make it that way the night before!!

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