Day Book: June 26, 2016


Monday June 26th

Good morning! I love Monday mornings because I don’t have to go into work until later, but Michael is already in his office…a few hours of time just for me.

Outside my window…….the grass is growing like crazy. I’m also listening to birds singing and getting ready to enjoy the day.

I am thinking…….about what I want to accomplish this week and what I need to do today to make those things happen.

I am thankful for……relative good health! Michael tweaked his back yesterday and was in so much pain. I’m really grateful that he’s feeling a bit better today and also that I am healthy, pain-free, and generally able to do with my body what I want, rather than feeling limited by it. (except when i have a migraine…but that is not today…)

From the kitchen…..I am making an impossible egg bake and continuing with meal/food prep that I started yesterday. I got quite a bit done! Yesterday I made whole wheat baking mix (bisquick), chopped up pineapple and watermelon for snacking, boiled some eggs, roasted and shredded some chicken to use in a meal this week, made granola and prepped the veggies I’d need to use in the egg bake I’m making right now.

I am wearing…..pjs. It’s still early! 😉

I am creating…..lots of food. Also I’m working on some little zip pouches for friends. I need to order more zippers, actually!

I am going…….to work in a couple of hours.

I am reading……..Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison. It’s an older but well-regarded survey of how and why people commit suicide. I also have a more recent book about depression checked out. These books are very, very interesting but not exactly light reading. (Still reading this!)

I am hoping……that the empanadas I make taste as good as I am anticipating!

I am hearing…..right exactly now, the blissful sound of silence. It’s so quiet in my house that I can hear my oven occasionally click (I have an electric oven and stove and when the oven is on, every so often there is a little click, I think to calibrate heat).

Around the house…….I need to do a weekly “home blessing hour” a la Fly Lady.

One of my favorite things……watching this show about eating in the 20th century: Back in Time for Dinner.

A few plans for the rest of the week…..include working out in some form everyday, writing cards to a few relatives, researching a new car for my husband.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….some pretty fabrics I picked up. I’ve decided to re-do my niece’s quilt as I just really didn’t care for it. And I’d prefer to give something that I am proud of rather than something I feel just “meh” about.



7 thoughts on “Day Book: June 26, 2016

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by. I think I am spoiled by the AC — my husband works from home on computers which run hot. Which means that our AC is running spring and summer. Gives me no excuse to not cook! 😉

      1. “Spring and Summer” or year-round as we also call it in Florida 🙂 Or is North Florida that much cooler than Central Florida? I feel like we either have the heat or the AC on year-round most of the time. Does your husband work from home every day?

      2. It does get cool enough up here that we can have no AC for several months. And in fact we’ve had to turn on the heat a few times, too! I hate having the heat on, though, so I really try to avoid that. Central Florida is a lot hotter — I’m always amazed by that since really you’re not too far away!

        Michael does work from home everyday — it will be a year in September. He really likes it! It took me a little while to get used to it. 😉

      3. Lucky. I don’t like having the heat on either, it really dries up my sinuses and causes all kinds of issues. I was a wuss this year though and turned it on more than the winter of 2014-2015 when we barely turned it on at all, even on night when it dipped into the 30s. I think this winter I’m going back to avoiding to turn it on. Greg will just have to wear his thermal undies, gloves and furry hat on top of his PJs, lol.

        So I confess that a while back Greg said he was applying for a new job where he would be able to work from home full time and I was really hoping that he didn’t get it. As it turns out, they weren’t willing to match what he’s making now. I love him but, good grief, I need time alone. Especially since his computer is in our living room. It sounds like Michael has his own office though, so that’s probably better.

  1. You always say that I do so much during a day but look at ALL that you did yesterday and this morning BEFORE going to a JOB! Goodness, Laura, I haven’t done anything today and now I’m exhausted just reading your Day Book, lol.

    You’re being creative outside of the kitchen and in the kitchen, I’m so envious. I haven’t felt like cooking in weeks but as soon as Greg and our son come back I’ve got to get back to it because we ate out too much before they left.

    I hope your husband’s back feels better. Back pain can be very debilitating!

    1. Thanks Nathalie! It’s funny..I did get a lot of cooking done, but I really like doing it so it never feels like a chore like so many of the other tasks on my to-do list. Which means I tend to overlook it when I think about what I’ve accomplished.

      Thankfully Michael’s back is feeling better this afternoon. He’s going to take it easy this week but I think it should be ok. Phew!

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