Grocery Haul: Winn-Dixie, Publix, Aldi

Remember I thought I wasn’t going to get much this week? That did not turn out to be the case. We go through fruit like crazy people and I have definitely been splurging on things at Publix that I haven’t bought in a while.

As a reminder, we are a household of two adults, no children. My grocery budget does include toiletries and similar household items, but not pet supplies, which have their own budget. My goal is to stay at or under (preferably under) $400, and I like to shoot for an average of $60/week at “regular” grocery stores so I have  a decent amount to spend at a monthly or so stock up when I visit BJs (warehouse store). This number feels pretty generous to me and I am more motivated to cook at home when there is a little more wiggle room in my budget. When I tried to keep a much tighter grocery budget, we ended up eating out a lot and that was just frustrating to me. I’m posting all this because I love to read and/or watch grocery hauls from others and I am sometimes guilty of the comparison game, where I never end out on top. But everyone has different needs and resources and, in the end, this is what works for us! 🙂


Aldi, 6/8/16

  • Toilet paper (not pictured), $4.49
  • White cheddar puffs, 1 bag @ $1.99
  • Watermelon, 1 @ $2.69
  • Spinach, 8oz @ $1.79
  • Green onions, 1 pkg @ $.99
  • Red grapes, 2lbs @ $.99/lb
  • Tuna, 3 cans @ $.99/ea
  • Bread, 1 loaf @ $1.79
  • Crushed tomatoes, 28oz can @ $.95
  • Half and half, 1 qt @ $1.89
  • Aluminum foil, 75′ @ $1.99
  • Bananas, 2.43lb @ $.44/lb
  • Tomatoes, 1 lb @ $1.29
  • Strawberries, 2lbs @ $1.29/lb

Total: $28.92

I remembered to get bread this week, so that’s good. I wanted spinach for my smoothies and it turns out that spinach is a little cheaper at Winn Dixie, but I didn’t feel like stopping there today so just grabbed a bag from Aldi (the difference is minimal, $.04/bag). My husband is sneaky (read: he doesn’t tell me about it) with his tuna consumption, so today I noticed that we were out. I picked up a few cans and will plan on a larger stock up later this month or maybe next month. Tuna is a decent thing to have on hand during hurricane season, since it can just be opened and eaten without any prep. Unlike canned chicken, we both really like tuna, too. I have no idea if this is a good price on aluminum foil or not–when Michael’s grandmother passed she had a TON of random boxes of foil, waxed paper, saran wrap and so on. She passed away in 2011 and I only just ran out of foil. I don’t use it a ton, but still…that’s a lot of foil! Hopefully this isn’t the super thin kind. I noticed today that Aldi theoretically had plain kefir but there was none on the shelf. That is the first time I have even seen the plain version there, usually it’s strawberry or blueberry or some seasonal flavor.


Publix, 6/8//16

  • Noosa yogurt, 2 @ $2.00/ea
  • Chobani yogurt, 4 @ $1.00/ea
  • Turkey lunch meat, .5lb @ $8.99/lb
  • Ice cream, half gallon @ $3.50
  • Chocolate bars, 2 pkgs @ $4.99
  • Pretzels, 2 1lb bags @ $3.49
  • Great grains cereal, 2 boxes @ $3.99

Total: $29.26

Gah. This stuff is almost all “want” and very little “need.” I picked up the turkey lunch meat at my husband’s request — he doesn’t care for the pre-packaged stuff (neither do I, frankly). The noosa yogurt is complete dessert for me — it’s whole milk yogurt with these fantastic fruit flavorings and it’s just so delicious. The Chobani is for Michael as I felt a little bad buying myself yogurt and leaving him out, especially as he really does like this kind. Great Grains were BOGO and a little change of pace from oatmeal. The chocolate bars are a rain check item from last week and are the primary reason I visited Publix this week. Ice cream because…my hormones made me do it. That is all. And that is the truth!


Winn-Dixie 6/7/16

  • Worcestershire sauce, 2 10oz  bottles @ $1.99
  • Kefir, 3 32oz bottles @ $3.00/ea
  • Grape juice, 2 64oz bottles @ $3.95
  • Vegetable oil, 2 @ $2.00/ea

Total: $18.94

I use Worcestershire sauce a lot so was happy to see a sale. This brand is not as famous as Lea and Perrins but suits my needs just fine. 😉 I also picked up some vegetable oil. I can get a better price on the really large containers but those are hard for us to use up in a timely manner so I stick with this pantry size. I love grape juice and splurge on it every so often when it is on BOGO.  Finally, I’ve been trying to pay attention to where I can find plain kefir at a reasonable price. I had mentioned to Nathalie in a comment that $3 is a good price for kefir–actually I can find the flavored kefir at Aldi and BJs for less, but I prefer plain as there is no added sugar. I get enough sugar in my diet! I have really noticed improved health since drinking this regularly, so I’m willing to invest the dollars this way. Also, Anne mentioned that she makes her own and I am toying with that idea as well.

Weekly Total: $77.12

I have spent almost $200 so far this month and we’re not even ten days in. But we do now have a lot of food on hand AND I’m recommitting to not buying so  much junk food. It’s not good for us and I can easily make granola, chex mix and cookies at home if we need something.



8 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: Winn-Dixie, Publix, Aldi

  1. Oh I so understand the “want” shopping trip. I am going to the store tomorrow and hope I will not yield to temptation

  2. I know you said you weren’t a coupon user anymore, but here are a few thoughts:

    1) Go to There is a $1.00 off coupon that you can print (scroll alllll the way down). If you have more than one computer, you can print it several times.

    2) Sign up to get emails from MamboSprouts so you can request their coupon books when they’re available. They usually have Lifeway coupons in those (as well as other coupons for organic/all natural products)

    3) They also have printable coupons on their site and many times I have found Lifeway coupons on there too. As a matter of fact there is a printable available right now:

    4) You can download a coupon for the Noosa yogurts from their site: and scroll all the way down the page, link for coupons is at bottom right. I could have sworn I saw a coupon for those somewhere else but I can’t remember where.

    5) There are coupons for Snyders on (go through Swagbucks for 10 SB per redeemed coupon if you are a member of Swagbucks) or

    6) and also for Chobani

    7) and there is a printable coupon for Lou Ana oil on their website:


    1. Wow, thanks Nathalie! I did try to print off a Noosa coupon from Publix’s website but that all went wonky. I will definitely have to explore these sites. Thank you!!

      1. That’s where I had seen it! There is a digital manufacturer coupon under Publix digital coupons. If you haven’t signed up for those, you create a login on their website and link it to your home phone number, upload the coupons that you want (just click on each coupon to upload it to your digital account) and then at the register AFTER you have given them all your other coupons and they have scanned them, put in your home phone number before you pay, tell the cashier that you’ve input your phone number (I think they have to press a key on their register for it to refresh) and then the digital coupon should come off. HOWEVER if you use a paper coupon in the same purchase, the digital coupon probably won’t come off (even if you buy 2 yogurts and use 1 paper and 1 digital…at least that was my experience before) so if that’s the case, I would recommend doing a separate transaction for the items for which you will use digital coupons. If you do just one transaction and use both, you don’t want the digital coupons to be applied before the paper coupons because if you have a paper coupon that is of a higher value than a digital coupon, then of course you would want the paper coupon to be deducted. Their system isn’t smart enough to work in your favor 🙂

      2. I do have the Publix digital coupons, but got behind in updating them after our vacation. Thanks for reminding me about them!

  3. I’m having trouble commenting on your post. WordPress has now deleted 2 comments that I have tried posting. And on the 3rd and 4th attempts, the “post comment” button completely disappeared by the time I typed the final period! Can I email you instead? I was posting coupon links for you for the Noosa, Lifeway, etc. Shoot me an email at and I’ll send them to you that way! OK. the “post comment” button is still here now so maybe you’ll get to see THIS comment!

    1. I think we got it all resolved, but sorry it was kind of a pain! Thank you again for sending me all that information!

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