Day Book: June 6, 2016


Monday June 6th

I’ve seen Nathalie and a few others share a day book account each week and I like the simple structure and the way it documents time. So I’m joining in for a conversation that doesn’t revolve mostly around food!

Outside my window…….it’s rain, rain, rain. We are sitting in the middle of Tropical Storm Colin right now; I just spent over an hour and a half getting home from work (well over twice as long as my normal commute). I left just as a tornado warning was being established for the central and northern parts of our county. I was heading in the opposite direction, so wasn’t worried about running into that, at least! The Governor has declared a state of emergency for several counties along the northeast coast of Florida and we’re one of them. Right now it’s pretty calm but things are supposed to pick up again this evening. I suspect we will get mostly rain, but some parts of our county are vulnerable to flooding (no matter what they say) and high winds are always a little scary.

I am thinking…….about my plans for the backyard and how I am determined to stick to them this year! I’ve decided to take the slow and steady approach and am thinking in terms of years, not just days and weeks. I hope this is a more sustainable approach, as right now the backyard is an awful, awful mess.

I am thankful for……getting home safely, despite the number of emergency vehicles I encountered on the way and actual accidents I passed.

From the kitchen…..I made crumb cake this morning to use up some older milk (still have a bit left so probably will have pancakes at some point this week) and took one into work. I am making a pesto pizza for dinner. I have been super diligent about getting the kitchen cleaned up each evening, which is not always the case. Five nights in a row so far, go me.

I am wearing…..right now, pajama pants and a t-shirt. I did wear a cute maxi skirt and nice shirt to work, but got soaked walking from the library to my car. It’s nice to be in dry clothing!

I am creating…..uh, nothing right now, although I hope to get out the sewing machine tonight.

I am going……a little mad from my cat’s incessant whining. 😉

I am reading……..Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison. It’s an older but well-regarded survey of how and why people commit suicide. I also have a more recent book about depression checked out. These books are very, very interesting but not exactly light reading.

I am hoping……that I manage to get to Winn Dixie tomorrow since I wasn’t able to stop today due to weather.

I am hearing… cats (we’re both home, they think they should be fed) and the rain.

Around the house…….I need to do a little laundry and I am focusing on decluttering the bedroom. We pull a lot of things into our room if we have company or for whatever reason. A lot of it is just junk I need to get rid of but didn’t have time to go through before company arrived. My parents were our last visitors. In March.

One of my favorite things……lately, is the protein and probiotic shake I make most days using kefir and plant based protein powder. Yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week…..I am off Wednesday and hope to do a little more work in the backyard. Or even a lot, but that will depend on the weather. If it’s super humid and hot as projected, I will not be able to be out for very long. If it’s nice this weekend, Michael and I might try and get a good hike in at a local park.

Here is a picture I am sharing…….Horseshoe Bend, from our recent trip to Arizona. That tiny spot in the lower right corner is a boat, which gives you a sense of the scale.

Horseshoe Bend, AZ


6 thoughts on “Day Book: June 6, 2016

  1. Oh yay! Thanks for joining in with your Day Book, Laura! I so love reading those and sharing other moments than the same old, same old, you know? Weird how knowing that you’re wearing PJs right now because you got soaked walking from your car makes me feel closer to you (in a completely non-stalking way, I promise!).

    I feel bad that as I poo-poo’ed the fact that our school and library systems are “on alert” for Colin (we got some rain but really nothing even close to a summer storm!), and I checked the path of the storm on the National Hurricane Center website (to the North of us? Poor people but it’s not us!), I completely forgot that YOU guys were in Jacksonville and so pretty much right in the path of it. I’m glad the tornadoes aren’t in your area and that you got home safely.

    What are you planning on buying at Winn Dixie tomorrow? I haven’t seriously looked at their ad in a long time. I do need to stop by their liquor store to see if they restocked Greg’s whiskey so if you know of any deals I shouldn’t miss at the grocery store, let me know and I’ll pop in. Otherwise it’ll be SuperTarget, CVS, Aldi, Walgreens and possibly Publix for me tomorrow.

    Love the picture from Arizona… so barren and so beautiful at the same time. How those canyons are indeed very deep! Did you actually hike in the canyons or stayed at the top on the plateau?

    1. It is neat to read –and write–something other than the norm. I also think I’ll appreciate looking back and reading about all aspects of our life, not just my culinary escapades.
      I don’t know if these are really can’t miss deals, but here’s what I’m picking up: grape juice (BOGO and I really love Welch’s grape juice, kind of a splurge), Worcestershire sauce (BOGO, about a $1/bottle), kefir ($3, as I mentioned I’ve been making an effort to add more natural probiotics in my diet and I prefer plain kefir over most other things…this is a good price, but kefir is a pricier food overall), and maybe vegetable oil ($2…my buy price; it’s cheaper to buy the big containers but we don’t go through that much of it so this size is better for us).
      We did hike into the Grand Canyon, although not all the way. I hope to get some actual posts up about our trip this week and I have tons of photos to share!

  2. Oh I wish I lived close to you! I have kefir grains coming out my ears. I can not give them away quick enough. I make it daily so it costs the same as a pint of milk, but the grains multiply astonishingly fast.

    1. Is it pretty easy to make, then? I’ve read up on how to do it, but got worried that it might actually be a little tough to keep up with. If I lived closer I would definitely take some of the grains off of your hands!!

  3. It is a snap to make. Supposedly there is a way I can dehydrate them and pack them in dried milk for shipping, but it needs to be done when the weather is cool. If you are still interested in the fall I will give it a try.

    1. Oh cool! Yeah, I can imagine trying to send something packed in dried milk from Alabama to Florida in the summer would be an interesting postal experience!

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