What We Ate: May 29 – Jun 4


  • Spicy Black Bean Soup w/Salsa, Avocado and Sour Cream
  • Pesto Pasta Salad w/Fried Chicken
  • Oven Fajitas, Cucumbers Vinaigrette
  • Black Bean Nachos
  • Fish Tacos

We did ok this week, after hot dogs and chicken tenders to start out the week! The leftover chicken tenders were really yummy on top of the pesto pasta salad. The pesto is made using white beans instead of olive oil and is so good. The recipe is from Mind Over Munch. Oven fajitas are a clear favorite around here. And Michael made the fish tacos, which turned out really well. Despite the fact that he had to substitute some things in the recipe since I didn’t have them on hand. This is how I operate, but it really knocks him sideways. I forgot to lay it out, so he was a little stressed. Well, maybe more annoyed than stressed. Ha.


4 thoughts on “What We Ate: May 29 – Jun 4

  1. He was stressed? How cute πŸ™‚ Not he’s really going to be annoyed, lol.

    How do you always manage to make your food look so delicious? And I’m not saying that because it’s 1:27 a.m. and I’m starving, even though I just ate a Hershey Almond Chocolate Bar that I suddenly remembered that I had stashed away (sshh, let’s never speak of it again!). I want to taste everything that you photograph, tapas-style!

    1. I forget, sometimes, that Michael is so serious about following recipes and then am always a little amused at the resulting fall out (I do try to avoid this). It’s always in good humor. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for saying that my food photos look good! Cooking is probably my number one hobby, even though it’s a daily chore as well. I definitely eat with my eyes and enjoy taking the time to set up a pretty plate. Michael laughs at this — he’s usually half way finished with his meal before I am even ready to sit down. πŸ˜‰

      1. That’s pretty much what I do: laddle it on the plate, sit down, and eat. I do appreciate it when someone ELSE makes my plate look pretty (like at a restaurant, sometimes I don’t even want to eat because it would destroy a work of art!) but I don’t have the patience or the artistic eye… or the photography skill for it. Ah, we should be neighbors and I would let you practice on me all you want, lol.

        I used to be like Michael back when I didn’t feel confident about my cooking. Now I’ve substituted so many things in so many recipes and usually to good to great results, that I don’t worry about it anymore. I don’t even check the list of ingredients on the recipes that I want to cook recently. I figure that if I don’t have something, I’ll just use something else. It makes like much easier, doesn’t it?

      2. I agree — confidence in the kitchen goes a long way in knowing I can make a recipe even without having all the ingredients on hand. I also tend to be the kind of person who throws things together (my mother did this as well) and so have never felt terribly beholden to a recipe in the first place.

        Michael can think of things but he likes to be very efficient in the kitchen and running around making up substitutes does not feel efficient to him. On the other hand, he did come up with good subs for all the things he needed and was very proud of himself. And who am I to deprive him that feeling of personal satisfaction? πŸ˜‰

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