Grocery Haul: Aldi, BJs, Publix, Walgreens

Wednesday was kind of a big and long shopping day. Last week I mostly skipped shopping and this week I made up for that AND bought ahead in several areas. I will be going out of town next weekend and probably won’t get to the store. There should be plenty of stuff on hand from this stock up though, to keep Michael happy.



  1. Raspberries, 2 6 oz packs @ $1.29/ea
  2. Half & Half, 1 quart @ $1.89
  3. Tuna, 5 oz cans @ $.99/ea
  4. Corn Squares, 1 box @ $2.29
  5. Tortilla Chips, 1 bag @ $1.19
  6. Eggs, 3 dozen @ $.95/ea
  7. Avocados, 4 @ $.49/ea
  8. Mini Cucumbers, 1 lb @ $1.99



  1. Navel oranges, 4lb bag @ $3.29
  2. Roma tomatoes, 1lb bag @ $.89
  3. Bananans, 2.49 lb @ $.44/lb
  4. Pineapple, 1 @ $1.29
  5. Spinach, 8oz bag @ $1.49



  1. Romaine lettuce, 3 hearts @ $1.99
  2. Baby carrots, 2 1lb bags @ $.39/ea
  3. Tri-color peppers, 4 packages @ $1.59/ea
  4. Insulated shopping bag (not pictured), 1 @ $.79

Total: $37.74

I knew I wanted to grab several packages of the peppers because, aside from liking them so well, I am on a mission to eat more fruits and vegetables (especially more vegetables). Raw sweet peppers are a favorite snack. I also needed to grab some tuna and I had seen last week that Aldi has sustainably caught tuna for a reasonable price. It’s the chunk light tuna, not the albacore, so we’ll see how we like it. Chunk light tuna tastes more tuna-y to me, and is the flavor I remember from childhood. But I think we’ve mostly been buying albacore tuna lately, so this might be a little outside our taste map right now. I wasn’t expecting to see eggs that low, so I grabbed a few dozen. Everything else is hitting my “more vegetables” mark, and helping to stock up our fruit bowl. I usually keep a LOT of fruit on hand and we do go through it pretty quickly, but generally there is usually at least something still around when I shop again for the week. This week there were two apples, one of which I just realized was half rotten. I am never that low on fresh fruit!



  1. Cascade Dishwasher Detergent, 1 huge bottle @ $8.99
  2. Prunes, 2.75.b bag @ $7.49
  3. Yellow Tomatoes, 24 oz box @ $4.49
  4. Organic Grape Tomatoes, 24oz box @ $6.49
  5. Roasted Peanuts in the Shell, 5lb bag @ $5.49
  6. Coffee Beans, 40oz bag @ $19.99
  7. Clorox Bowl Cleaner (not pictured), 6ct box @ $9.29

Total: $63.06 (includes tax on two items)

We really needed more coffee beans and dishwasher detergent. I was out of prunes and we love them. There was a clipless coupon on them, so that was a nice surprise. The peanuts and tomatoes are part of the healthy eating plan. I know I also picked up roma tomatoes at Aldi, but these tomatoes are for snacking.

I also picked up a new fruit bowl while at BJs — not necessarily on my shopping list, but something I have been keeping an eye out for a while. Since we eat so much fruit, I sometimes have 4 or more bowls of fruit and veggies (I like to keep onions, potatoes, garlic, etc at room temp) on my counter and/or table. I’d like to consolidate that at least a little. This bowl is 13″ in diameter, which held all of the apples, oranges and pears I bought this week, as well as the avocados. Win. Also, it was cheap at $8. Not part of my grocery budget, but a purchase that makes me happy.



  1. Pink Lady apples, 3.34lb @ $1.29/lb
  2. Bartlett pears, 2.86lb @ $1.49/lb
  3. Butterfinger candy bars, 2 @ $1.09
  4. Sour cream, 24oz container @ $2.47
  5. Kleenex, 3 boxes @ $1.00/ea
  6. Arnold bread, 2 loaves @ $3.74
  7. Publix brand vanilla ice cream, 1 half gallon @ $3.50

Total: $22.81

I had coupons (I hardly ever use coupons as they mostly stress me out, although I do like digital coupons) for the Kleenex, the Butterfinger candy bars and the bread. We love Pink Lady apples and $1.29/lb is a pretty amazing price compared to what we usually see for them. The pears were also relatively inexpensive and I have been looking forward to a little variety in our fruit. I bought the ice cream and the candy bars to make Butterfinger blizzard-type treats for us. We’ve been convincing ourselves to run out for ice cream about once a week or so and I’d like that to stop. I thought that maybe a good way to slow it down would be to start making our treats at home. We’ll see how I do!



  1. Snickers Crispers, 1 bag @ FREE!

Nathalie mentioned that there would be free after the rebates/register rewards. I love Snickers, so I had to pick these up. I have to say, they’re really tasty! I try not to buy too much bagged candy as I just EAT it, but this was nice for a treat. 🙂

Total Grocery Bill: $123.61

Higher than normal, but I should be on par to finish the month out under $400.

Next weekend is my annual ladies’ weekend and I am really looking forward to some down time with my friends. We are going to be on the Gulf Coast again; it’s so beautiful there! I am generally in charge of food for these trips and have been planning a simple but tasty menu. It’s a bit of a drive, but I want to pick up what I can here so that we can save a little cash — the grocery stores tend to be pricey since they cater to tourists.

4 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: Aldi, BJs, Publix, Walgreens

  1. Great shopping deals this week. I want the free Snickers!

    I am headed back to Aldi to buy more raspberries for the freezer. My Aldi also had eggs for 69 cents a dozen. I bought 3 but I think I am going to get 3 more since they are so cheap. I feel a lot of frittatas and quiches for our future menus

    1. I think I am going to pick up more raspberries, too. The two boxes I bought are gone and they were really good. 69 cents is a great deal!! I would pick up some more as well.

      The Snickers are really great! I wasn’t sure, sometimes I don’t love when familiar food formulas change, but these are very good.

  2. Ooooh I hope the eggs went down to $0.95 for us too, they were $1.15 on Tuesday.

    The oranges are expensive now. Poop. I’ve really enjoyed them! I just put a new bag in the fruit bowl and I have another one in the fridge.

    I like having tons of fruit around too but this week my son has been eating apples like there’s no tomorrow and we’re already out of the 3-lb bag I bought on Tuesday. I wish I had seen your post before I went to Publix last night, I would have bought Pink Lady apples to tie us up until I go shopping again. They are our favorite as well but always so expensive that I rarely buy them. I had 8 brown bananas in my bowl yesterday (we usually can’t have enough bananas so I don’t know what happened these past 2 weeks!) so I froze 6 of them and used the other 2 to mix into some vanilla pudding, splashed with coconut-flavored rum. It was pretty good for my mid-afternoon snack.

    Those Snickers Crisper are awesome, aren’t they? I like that they are big enough that usually one piece is plenty. Don’t forget to use your RR in the next couple of weeks and remember that Walgreens treats it as a manufacturer coupon.

    Have a great weekend, you’re doing great with your grocery budget!

    1. The oranges really did shoot up in price. Still under $1/pound, which makes them reasonable to me. I need to check this week’s Publix add; maybe Pink Lady’s will be on sale again (doubt it, but I can hope).

      The Snickers Crispers are great! And they are exactly the right size. I prefer them to the minis because I can just keep eating those. Thanks for the reminder about the register rewards. I never think about them until it’s too late!

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