Weekly Goals: April 17-23


I’m tired so don’t have a lot of chatter to add about these goals. Just an update on how I did last week and what I’m hoping to achieve this week.

Last week’s goals:


  1. Make up three different kinds of dry beans to restore my freezer stock of cooked beans. I’m planning on black beans, kidney beans, and chickpeas. I forgot I don’t actually have dried kidney beans right now!
  2. Mow and trim the backyard.
  3. Clear out the old garden area and around the patio.
  4. Pick up a new patio table.
  5. Paint umbrella stand black. Decided not to do this after all.
  6. Do a load of laundry everyday.
  7. Clean fronts of upper kitchen cabinets.
  8. Clean stove and fridge. Albeit, not as deeply as I had intended.
  9. Wash dishes and tidy kitchen counters every evening.
  10. Call Habitat ReStore about furniture we want to donate.
  11. Clean out one box of papers.
  12. Clean off sewing table.  Kind of — I got started at least. 
  13. RSVP GAL event.
  14. Print GAL paperwork and add to file.


  1. Read Night Falls Fast at least 30 minutes per day.  I usually only got about 15 minutes of reading in.
  2. Do a 10-30 minute yoga routine everyday. HA HA HA
  3. Work out four times at gym. Nope, did work out a couple of times at home, though.
  4. Work on sewing projects three times during the week. I worked on sewing projects twice, mostly on sorting and organizing.
  5. Research DIY self-watering planters.

This week’s goals:

Everyday Chores

  1. Load of laundry every day
  2. Make dinner five nights
  3. Wash dishes and tidy kitchen every evening
  4. Work out at gym three times
  5. Hike/walk/run three times
  6. Yoga
  7. Ready to go everyday by 7:30
  8. 15 minute de-clutter in evening
  9. 20 minute cleaning projects
  10. Pack lunch on days work
  11. Sewing projects 20 minutes/day
  12. Read 30 minutes/day

Weekly Tasks and/or Appointments

  1. Clean cabinet uppers
  2. Deep clean bathroom
  3. Finish tidying dining room and sewing nook
  4. Print GAL paperwork
  5. Mow backyard
  6. Call Habitat Restore
  7. Drop off bed frames and other items at Goodwill
  8. Groceries
  9. Blog
  10. Schedule doctor’s appointments
  11. GAL event
  12. Schedule GAL visit

2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals: April 17-23

  1. Just curious… why do you do laundry every day? Wouldn’t it be less work to just do it once a week? Does your husband work somewhere where he gets dirty every day, like a mechanic?

    Good luck with your plans this week! I need to go get my to-do list that I drafted on Friday and get going on Domestic Monday!

    1. Ha, that’s a good question. Actually, waiting to do laundry on one day is just a disaster for me. We probably have too many clothes (well, not probably, we do). Neither of us works a particularly messy or dirty job, but Michael does work out almost every day and I work out fairly regularly. We both change out of our work clothes when the day is done and then of course there are sheets and towels and kitchen linens. I stay on top of it all so much better if I aim to do one load a day. I don’t always manage it — if the day is super busy, I just skip it because I hate forgetting a load of wet clothes and having that mildew smell on everything (our washer and dryer are in the garage).

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