Grocery Haul: Aldi, Target, Publix, Winn-Dixie

Aldi 040816


  1. Strawberries, 2 1lb clam shells @ $1.29/ea
  2. Pesto, small jar @ $1.69
  3. Crackers, 1 box @ $2.69

Total: $7.26

I stopped by to pick up more strawberries, although when I got there I was seriously disappointed to see that a totally different brand was available. They didn’t look nearly so good as the others I had purchased, so I only grabbed two boxes. They lived up to their promise, so I will be using them in smoothies and maybe making strawberry shortcake at some point. Nathalie keeps posting a Triple Berry Scone that she makes, so that is a contender as well. I grabbed the crackers because I’ve been wanting to make tuna salad but don’t really want sandwiches — I am feeling a little uninspired by bread lately. Or…I have become accustomed to my homemade bread and am bummed that I don’t have any on hand right now. I thought I’d try these. Finally, I’ve been eyeing these little jars of pesto each time I visit Aldi and I decided today to just grab one and try it out. I think it will be awesome on a pizza but I actually really love mixing a little with mayonaise and using it as a sandwich spread. Or bagel spread, as the case may be, here.

Target 040816


  1. Tomato Bouillon, 15.9 oz jar @ $1.48
  2. Diced jalapenos, 4 4oz cans @ $.52/ea

Total: $5.14

I stopped in Target for cat food (another budget category, so not posted here) but always like to see what is on clearance. Even if I rarely buy food clearance at Target because I don’t think they really lower their prices that much. So I was really excited to see both of these items 50% less than their regular price. I had some tomato bouillon that I bought from a grocery outlet a long time ago that I just loved, but haven’t seen it really around before today. I know that the Prudent Homemaker uses it quite a bit as well, so I will be looking up her recipes. I like to stir a little of this or the chicken bouillon into a pot of beans at the very end. It adds such a richness of flavor. And I had just picked up two cans of diced chilis at Aldi earlier in the week and so I knew right away that $.52 was a great price for these peppers. We’ll use them for a couple of different slow cooker meals and for white chicken chili.



  1. Oyster crackers, 1 box @ $2.00
  2. Ginger ale, 12 pack @ 2.99
  3. Tiramisu, 1 slice @ $6.39

Total: $11.59

All day Saturday I struggled against an upset stomach. While at work, which is the worst. I do try to keep ginger ale in stock, but I took the last bottle with me to work that day and I had no crackers to speak of, except for the fancy ones I’d picked up from Aldi to try. I thought my assessment of those crackers might be marred by how gross I felt–and I didn’t want to waste them for a “sick” meal. Luckily it mostly dissipated by the late afternoon, after I ordered some cheese grits for lunch from a local coffee shop/cafe. Combined with the ginger ale, my stomach finally settled. Anyway, when I stopped by Publix on my way home to pick up the tiramisu, I made sure to grab some oyster crackers and ginger ale as well, just to have on hand. The price for that tiramisu is highway robbery, by the way! I was planning on the splurge to go with my celebratory steak dinner, but I don’t remember the price being that high. Oh well, I am certainly not going to make tiramisu at home anytime soon!

Winn-Dixie (not pictured)

  1. Coffee beans, 12 oz bag @ $7.85
  2. Baguette, 1 @ $1.00

Total: $8.85

Weekly Total: $32.84

As you can see, I never really made it out to do an actual shop, but just ran in here and there for a few things. I struggled against an upset stomach most of the weekend, which is always a bummer. I didn’t have the things on hand that usually help me feel better, so I ended up purchasing those without giving too much thought to cost. And of course, as soon as I thought I had my schedule down, it changed. I had no real day off, so my motivation to get out and grocery shop was pretty low. We have tons of food on hand, really. I’m annoyed that I spent a little more for things than I normally would, but I’m pretty significantly below my weekly goal, so I’m finding it hard to get too bothered.


2 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: Aldi, Target, Publix, Winn-Dixie

  1. Woohoo for your great Target clearance deals! And I really want Tiramisu now… I think it used to be $4.99 fifteen years ago. It’s expensive but so good. And when you think of it. cheaper than a meal at a fast food place or about the price of one lb of of good steak. I totally trying to rationalize that expense for you 🙂

    1. Haha, I’m not too worried about spending a little cash on the tiramisu; it just surprised me that the price had increased by so much. Although I do think I have only bought it when on sale, previously, so that probably contributed to my confusion. 🙂

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