Weekly Goals: April 10 – 16


I’m hoping that posting these goals here will help motivate me to get this new schedule somewhat under control. I’m not having too many problems keeping up with my out-of-the-housework, but it’s definitely been a task to figure out how to best get done the things that need to get done at home. I don’t really win at that, anyway, so a change in routine can really mess me up.


  1. Make up three different kinds of dry beans to restore my freezer stock of cooked beans. I’m planning on black beans, kidney beans, and chickpeas.
  2. Mow and trim the backyard.
  3. Clear out the old garden area and around the patio.
  4. Pick up a new patio table.
  5. Paint umbrella stand black.
  6. Do a load of laundry everyday.
  7. Clean fronts of upper kitchen cabinets.
  8. Clean stove and fridge.
  9. Wash dishes and tidy kitchen counters every evening.
  10. Call Habitat ReStore about furniture we want to donate.
  11. Clean out one box of papers.
  12. Clean off sewing table.
  13. RSVP GAL event.
  14. Print GAL paperwork and add to file.


  1. Read Night Falls Fast at least 30 minutes per day.
  2. Do a 10-30 minute yoga routine everyday.
  3. Work out four times at gym.
  4. Work on sewing projects three times during the week.
  5. Research DIY self-watering planters.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Goals: April 10 – 16

    1. Yes, Guardian ad Litem. I started volunteering with them late last year.

      Sadly, I am NOT off this week, but I do start what is more or less my “normal” schedule from now – August, so I’m hoping to build more efficiency into my time at home, now that it is known.

      1. I was thinking that you must be off, considering all the goals you had for the week. Gulp. I’m going to have to be super productive to keep up with you, now!

        We had a GAL assigned to us (well, my stepdaughters) at some point in our horrible custody battle with their mother. I wish we had had that since the very beginning, it might have been a little easier on the girls. It’s a hard job and you don’t even get paid so great kudos to you! Is that what got you interested in your new career goal?

        Have a great and productive week, Laura!

      2. Haha, I just like to make a long list so that I can probably mark some things off of it. I tend to be a little contrary and if my list has only a few things on it, I will go out of my way (subconsciously) to avoid doing any of them!

        Thank you for the encouragement regarding the GAL work. I am still very new, but I think it is a good organization. I’m sorry you guys had a tough custody battle; that must have been hard for all involved. Anyway, I’ve been interested in a career in mental health for a while, and that interest led me to both the GAL program and to apply to grad school. So they are definitely related!

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