Food This Week: April 3 – April 9

spicy peanut noodles with the works

Spicy Peanut Noodles with Steamed Broccoli and Sauteed Tofu

  • You might see this on the menu quite often, now that I’ve been reminded how much I love peanut noodles. We did it one-dish style this time with steamed broccoli and sesame tofu served right in the bowl. Like before, I added sliced green cabbage to the boiling water along with the pasta and tossed the noodles and cabbage with the peanut sauce. I like green onions scattered on top, and cilantro would be fantastic too.


Totchos (Tater Tot Nachos)

  • This…is not a healthy meal. It was a delicious meal!! A friend has been going on about totchos, then I actually ran across them advertised on a local menu and finally someone in my facebook feed posted about some they’d had somewhere. The magic trifecta. I picked up the potato puffs at Aldi kind of with these in mind, although I made them quite a bit sooner than I really thought I would. These are topped with chopped tomato, pickled jalapeno, grated white cheddar cheese and broiled. Then I drizzled them with a little BBQ sauce and put them back under the heat to warm the BBQ sauce. Once out of the oven I topped them with green onions and cilantro. REALLY GOOD.
  • NOTE: Make sure to bake the tots first to get them crispy before topping them and broiling them. I didn’t — I baked them all at the same time–and they definitely could have been crispier.

chicken with pepper and olives

Chicken with Peppers & Olives over Sun-dried Tomato Couscous

  • A long time favorite. This is just chicken tenders cut into strips and then sauteed with peppers, onions, black olives and garlic. You finish it with a little balsamic vinegar. I forgot to add capers, which I think fits this dish really well, but it was still very tasty. I like to serve it over couscous. This time I sauteed a little onion, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes before adding the couscous and boiling water. When the couscous was cooked, I stirred in some feta cheese and some basil infused olive oil. YUM.

salsa chicken 2

Salsa Chicken Stew with Hominy

  • A quick crock pot meal for an easy after-work dinner. Two chicken breasts, a jar of chipotle salsa and a can of drained hominy. Cooked in my small crockpot for about 6-7 hours on low. Shred chicken and bring back to temp. Served with sour cream and cilantro. And of course Michael added more hot sauce. This made about 6 servings, and it would be good in enchiladas.

Chicken Chili Nachos

Chicken Chili Nachos, Apple Crisp

  • Yes, we had nachos twice this week. I think I mentioned quick, easy, comforting was kind of the theme, right? Anyway, these featured some of the previous evenings chili, diced pickled jalapenos, chopped tomatoes and sharp cheddar. Broiled until I could smell the chips and almost set them all on fire. Topped with a few more tomatoes, diced bell pepper and a few scallions. Served with a little sour cream and hot sauce. And a hard cider. These were really, really, really good. It’s hard to go wrong with nachos.

Steak & potatoes

Grilled Steak, Sauteed Mushrooms, Grilled Asparagus, Baked Potato

  • Michael grilled on Saturday. It was a little bit of a special dinner–a “Yay, I got into grad school” dinner. I haven’t had steaks on the grill in forever and these were so, so good. Last year we didn’t grill anything, but this year I really want to change that. We have a charcoal grill which we both prefer for flavor, but we definitely can allow that fact to deter us from using it. Of course, it doesn’t really take all that long to get ready…most of that is in our heads. This summer is going to be the summer of the grill. So sayeth I. Everything just tasted so good. We enjoyed hard cider with our meal and shared some tiramisu from Publix for dessert (one of my FAVORITES).

Apple Crisp and Cool Whip

Homemade Dessert of the Week: Apple Crisp

  • Don’t judge — the apple crisp is totally topped with Cool Whip. Sometimes I just really like that stuff, fake as it is. The crisp was delicious and a victory in avoiding food waste. I’d had a bowl of apples that were getting REALLY wrinkled and looked pretty bad. Nobody was going to eat them out of hand — some were a kind that Michael apparently doesn’t like and a few were from an older bag of Galas that he does like, but had gone unnoticed until it was too late. I peeled and cored the apples one evening, and sliced them up for the crisp. Except for a few bad spots, I was able to use pretty much all of them, which felt really good. I tossed the apple slices with a little sugar and some cinnamon and then topped them with the crisp topping mix I keep in the freezer (thanks, past me–that was a good idea). Baked at 375 for 30 minutes. Top with the remainder of the Cool Whip that has been hanging out in the fridge for….a while. Yum!



2 thoughts on “Food This Week: April 3 – April 9

  1. Can I hire you as my personal chef?! Oh everything looks so good. Kudos on avoiding food waste with your apple crisp! We have a small gas grill and I didn’t use it last summer either but I also told myself that I would use it more this year. We’ll see if I stick to that resolution.
    I had Publix tiramisu for dessert the night that I met Greg so I hold a special place in my heart for Publix tiramisu. Now I want some. Good thing (for my wallet and hips) that I’m too darn lazy and drunk on sunshine right now as I have been outside the whole day.
    My version of Totchos is way more unhealthy than yours… if I remember correctly it included massive amounts of cheese and bacon. I need to find the recipe because it was delicious!
    Thanks for sharing your meals with us.

    1. Haha, Nathalie — at one point I thought about becoming a personal chef. But then I thought that my love of cooking serves me well as a hobby and it would probably be best to keep it that way!

      How fun that you have that memory associated with Publix tiramisu. I would probably use that as an excuse to buy it far more often. 🙂

      I hope we do stick to our resolution for grilling — we don’t use the backyard nearly enough and I use that as an excuse to really not keep up with it as much as I should.

      I’m a little addicted to the idea of Totchos, now, to tell you the truth. I think this might go in the rotation for simple Friday night meals. Kind of like take-out but quicker and cheaper when made at home.

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