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Losco trail 1

We’re planning a vacation later this spring that will involve quite a bit of hiking. We really love to hike and did a lot early on in our relationship but fell out of the habit for a number of reasons. So to prep for this upcoming trip, we’re scouting out local places to get a few miles in and to accustom ourselves to walking on uneven ground (since we’re surely not going to get any incline practice around here!). It’s been really fun to discover new to us trails in places we never expected to find them!

Losco Trail 2

This trail is part of a nearby city park; most of our city parks have soccer and/or baseball fields, playground equipment and small to large bodies of water for fishing. In fact, we’ve been to this park several times for kid parties and never realized that a 3 mile nature trail was tucked in the back. It really is kind of hidden, but the bonus to that is you rarely come across people on the trail, no matter how crowded the parking lot appears!

Losco Trail 3

Like many of the other trails in our urban parks, the paths are stacked loops because the plot of land is long and narrow. By stacking loops, the park administrators can offer trails of different lengths while at the same time getting a great deal of usage out of a pretty small track of land. This particular trail is very well maintained and is a wonderful little urban oasis. Three miles is perfect for an after work jaunt, too, since it’s so close. Unlike some places we visit, this one is free and there is always lots of available parking. We have some slightly longer trails we visit on Sundays, when we are both off. I’ll try to share them, too.


3 thoughts on “Out & About: Local Parks

  1. Pretty and a bonus that it’s close and free! I’ve made a list of local parks to go re-discover as well. A couple of them have those trails that I never explored either. I love walking through the woods.

    Years ago Greg, our son and I used to participate in Orienteering events all over Florida. It was so much fun and let us to discover parks that we would have probably never visited on our own.

    I hope you have lots of fun on your vacation, I’ll bet you’re looking forward to it. Will you be hiking out of state?

    1. Thanks Nathalie! We’ve really recommitted to getting back to hiking regularly even after our vacation is over. We’re heading to the Grand Canyon and some other national parks in the Southwest. To say we are excited would be a massive understatement.

      1. How awesome! You’ll have loads of pictures to share with us when you get back then *wink*! Greg and our son went to the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago but they rode the donkeys. I went 30 years ago and watched the sunrise there and it was so beautiful and amazing to see it revealed in front of me. We had arrived in the night so I had no idea of the scale of the thing. It was incredible! It do want to go back but I watched “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” too many times so I’m keeping to hiking the tiny trails in our local parks where I have cell phone reception (well, that’s my plan, we’ll see how much hiking I end up doing). But you’re young and experienced so you won’t have any problems and you’ll come back and tell us all about it and I’ll marvel at your pictures 🙂 Deal? Deal.

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