Grocery Haul: Aldi, Publix, Walmart

Three stores this week; I visited Walmart specifically because I thought they’d have larger bags of dried kidney beans, but they didn’t. I was able to pick up a can of kidney beans for a pretty good price so that will work for now. I think Freshfield Farms has a good variety of dried beans, so I will check them out at some point this month. There have been several times over the last couple of months that I’ve wanted kidney beans and haven’t had them on hand. Obviously I could buy multiple packs at Publix, but I’ve found the quality of their dry beans has been very…hit or miss. Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind this week.

Also–I’ve been thinking about how little of what I purchase seems to relate to the food I actually cook. I kind of want to go back to calculating the prices of the meals I make, so that connection is more obvious. It’s not really helpful for me to plan things ahead of time, at least not as concretely as writing it down in a blog post — I pretty much rebel against that written plan, but if I keep an outline in my head, that works best. And of course we’re eating a lot of things outside of the meals I record here. I’m kicking around the idea of photgraphing my breakfasts and lunches, although I don’t know that anyone would be remotely interested. But really it would be for me–I like seeing what we eat and I like remembering good food combos that I sometimes forget because they just happen on the fly. ANYWAY. Groceries. They’re below.


Aldi (trip 1)

  1. Cheese curls, 1 bag @ $.99
  2. Fig bars, 1 pkg @ $1.19
  3. Bananas, 1.65lb @ $.44/lb
  4. Green peppers, 4 14oz pkg @ $.99/ea
  5. Sweet potato waffle fries, 2 18oz pkg @ $1.49/ea
  6. Potato puffs, 1 pkg @ $1.65
  7. Whole wheat bread, 1 loaf @ $1.79
  8. Half & Half, 1 qt @ $1.89
  9. Sliced cheddar, 7 oz @ $1.99
  10. Everything bagels, 1 pkg @ $1.69

Total: $18.86

I really went to Aldi just to pick up the green peppers on sale. I needed half and half, bananas and bread too. Michael asked for something snacky. And while I was there I saw an acquaintance I really didn’t want to talk to…so that led to some strategic wandering through the store (I’m an adult…really). And that wandering led to some impulse buys. Specifically the frozen potato stuff. I don’t generally buy tater tots or fries, not because I think they’re bad so much as I know that we tend to have very little control when we have them around. It’s just better to not have them. But they will be a nice treat.


Aldi (trip 2)

  1. Milk, half gallon @ $2.95
  2. Navel oranges, 2 4lb bags @ $1.99/ea
  3. Green onions, 1 pkg @ $.99
  4. Hot dog buns, 1 pkg @ $.85
  5. Gala apples, 3lb bag @ $3.49
  6. Mushrooms, 2 8oz pkg @ $1.29/ea
  7. Tortilla chips, 24oz bag @ $2.49
  8. Strawberries, 3 1lb clamshells @ $1.29/ea
  9. Tomatoes, 24oz bag @ $1.29
  10. Bananas, 2.6 lb @ $.44/lb

Total: $23.63

As you can see, this trip was mostly about produce. I wasn’t expecting to buy quite so much fruit but the strawberries looked AMAZING so I pickup three packs. And of course the oranges are an easy and good snack to keep around. I wanted some apples and these looked good. We’ve already almost finished the strawberries and I may actually go back for more. Good berries are something I feel no shame in purchasing a total glut of. I picked up the hot dog buns because I saw that hot dogs were on sale at Publix and they sounded like a good, easy meal. Every so often I get a craving for a good hot dog. I picked up the mushrooms for quiches; I’m hoping to get a few made to throw in the freezer.



  1. Top sirloin steak @  $8.09
  2. Asparagus @ $2.09
  3. Beef hot dogs, 2 pkg @ $3.00/ea
  4. Hard cider variety pack @ $13.99

Total: $31.17

This is mostly splurge stuff. I heard this week that I did in fact get into the grad program to which I had applied and so Michael is going to grill steaks and asparagus this weekend. I am pretty excited. We’ll also have baked potatoes and maybe a salad, too. Plus the hot dogs since I had a craving.



  1. Kidney beans, 30 oz can @ $1.48
  2. Brown rice, 5lb bag @ $3.14

Total: $4.62

As mentioned, I went in looking for dried kidney beans and left with a can. I want to make a large batch of chili soon. I also wanted to grab some brown rice because Walmart generally has the best price on these staples. And in the Hispanic foods section I found this brand of brown rice which was well under $1/pound. That made me very happy. We do have a lot of jasmine rice on hand, but sometimes I’d like something different. And I do think it’s generally a little healthier.

Total Spent: $78.28

Over my weekly budget by almost $20, although it’s still early on in the month. I do need to save a little money for an upcoming ladies’ weekend at the end of this month. We have a lot of food in the house; really it’s just fresh fruit and vegetables that I’ll want to grab. And maybe a trip to BJs if I think I want to do that this month. Well, I’ll need to hit BJs for coffee at some point; it just depends on how much other food I decide to buy.



7 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: Aldi, Publix, Walmart

  1. Laura, congratulations on being accepted to grad school, that’s awesome! Will you be moving or is it going to be in Jacksonville? You should definitely celebrate… I see that you are well-stocked with hard cider, lol. Hmm, hard cider. Now I’m craving one. I don’t drink much alcohol but I like that a lot.

    You take very pretty pictures so I wouldn’t mind seeing photos of your breakfast and lunches! Heck, I post pictures of my lunches and they’re usually just leftovers. Your blog is like your diary so you should post whatever is going to help you. I love re-reading my own blog posts and seeing what I cooked, as a matter of fact this week’s menu came about when I re-read a post from last Fall and decided that I wanted to cook most of the same dishes again.

    I went back to look at my pricebook since I had priced the dry beans at Walmart back in the fall and the largest bag of kidney beans that I had noted back then was 16 oz, priced at $1.48. However, I also noticed several weeks ago that my Walmart SuperCenter had seriously downsized the dried beans selection since I wrote the prices down so I’m not sure if they tend to have more of them in the winter or what. If you ever want pinto beans, I have found 2-lb bags of those at Dollar Tree.

    I laughed outloud (seriously, I did) while reading your comment about being an adult because I’m way older than you and I still hide in the stores if I happen to see people I don’t want to talk to. However, luckily for me, I’m usually far to absorbed by my shopping list to pay attention to who is in the store. But imagining you ducking someone and ending up with a cartful of food while you were waiting for them to leave was too funny 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the congratulations! I am excited to get started on a new career. I’ve had a little while of feeling directionless, so I am very relieved and eager to feel like I have a new purpose in life. I will be attending classes here in Jacksonville. The program is not online, so I will have to visit the campus for all of my classes and I actually prefer that. I am adept at procrastination and I find it harder to do when I am taking face-to-face classes. 😉

      I don’t drink a ton either, but I do really love hard cider. I’ve mostly only had it from a tap, so I hope this is good. It’s a brand I like, so that’s something. I think I may just start the breakfast and lunch photos. 🙂 It really is helpful to look back at things and remember what I’ve eaten or even see patterns in what I eat and how I feel/felt (I am definitely an emotional eater).

      The dry beans were $1.44 for a one pound bag; I’d really prefer to stay closer to $1/pound if possible. I do think that is getting harder and harder, but…hope springs eternal. I also truly prefer larger bags. I don’t feel like I am creating so much waste! Thanks for the reminder about the Dollar Tree and pinto beans—I have plenty now, but eventually will need to restock.

      Nathalie–can you imagine me doing that duck and cover stuff in Aldi? I don’t know how big your Aldi store is, but ours is pretty tiny. I can usually see across the whole thing from several different places. So silly. 🙂

      1. I’m laughing all over again so yes, I’m definitely picturing you ducking! I’m not really sure how large ours is as opposed to other Aldis… others I’ve been to were a different shape (longer and narrower because they were in existing buildings). Ours is in a stand-alone building. The shelves are pretty high so you can’t see from one aisle to the other unless you’re near the cheeses/low frozen food freezers, and the checkout area of course.

        I’m cringing at my spelling mistake, I should have typed “far **too** absorbed”. Sorry!

  2. I forgot to tell you… keep the white tips of the green onions (about 1 inch) and stick them in a pot of potting soil with the cut tops sticking out (so don’t bury them completely). Water them well and they’ll regrow. I’ve been regrowing the same green onions for 3 years (at least) now.

    1. Thank you for reminding me! I’ve been meaning to do that but forget every time. I thinking maybe these and a pot of basil will be the extent of my gardening for this year…kind of sad.

  3. Great food haul. I think it is illegal to stop by Aldi for just one item, Either that or they put something in the air vents to lull us into buying crap we didn’t need but want so badly. Like more butter!

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