Grocery Budget: 1st Quarter Account

dollars & cents

In December I sketched out a grocery budget for the two of us that seemed reasonable and thrifty without being too tight. I know that this number can really vary a lot for different folks; for us $400 for groceries and basic household (cleaning supplies & toiletries) items seemed about right. I DON’T include eating out in this account, although I may change that. My original thought with the $400 was that we would have about $60 to spend each week at the “regular” grocery stores and about $150 to spend at our warehouse store. For now, this number is working out very well.

Grocery & Basic Household Expenses

  • January — $392.35
  • February –$334.38
  • March –$335.71

Total Spent: $1062.44

It looks pretty good, right? Except January is kind of a ringer — we definitely ate out WAY more than we needed to during that month. But overall I am pleased. I need to run the rest of our numbers, and I know that I will find many places to save (eating out, random “fun” purchases) but I am pretty happy that I’ve managed to keep our grocery budget in the sweet spot where we don’t feel deprived, we’re not wasting all kinds of uneaten foods and we’re eating pretty healthfully.