What We Ate: March 27 – April 2

Pretty busy this week, with new work and grad school interviews and vet visits. Not a lot of fancy food, but pretty pleased we ate at home for the whole week, with some supplemental conveniences to help us out. No traditional Easter dinner here; we both were a bit tired and I had forgotten to take the turkey out to thaw, so…we had tuna noodle casserole. It’s a comfort food I make maybe once a year. Actually, looking back over the week you’ll see quite a few comfort foods and lots of things that are quick and easy. Also, photography took rather a back seat as I was pretty hungry and tired each evening. I’m hoping this will even out somewhat once I adapt to my new schedule.

tuna noodle casserole

Tuna Noodle Casserole

  • I use the recipe in my Better Home and Gardens Cookbook, adding additional vegetables and increasing the whole recipe by about 50%. I like this recipe because it doesn’t rely on canned soups.

chicken salad and tomato salad

Apple Chicken Salad on Toasted Ciabatta, Tomato & Cucumber Salad

  • I love chicken salad, although I rarely make it. Earlier in the week I had baked some chicken breasts with lemon and garlic; I used the last breast to make this salad and it was wonderful. I really like apples or grapes in my chicken salad.

scotty thompson

Scotty Thompson (Carrabba’s-style Goat Cheese and Tomato Ragu appetizer)

  • This is one of Michael’s favorite dishes. It is simply goat cheese covered in rich tomato sauce and baked/broiled until melty and delicious. This is not the most appetizing photo but the dish itself is so yummy. Part of the reason my photo is not the best is because I added some Parmesan to the top earlier in the process than I should have and it got rather brown. I drizzled some basil infused olive oil on the top as well and served it with garlic toasted crostini for a really simple, comforting dinner.

Korean-style chicken

Korean-style Chicken over Rice, Roasted Broccoli

  • I love sweet and spicy foods and this recipe is one of my favorite ways to get that flavor combination quickly and easily. I use the recipe from I Heart Publix (originally calls for ground beef, I use pretty much any ground meat as a sub) and add chopped mushrooms because I love them and think they really complement the dish. I had some leftover coleslaw and served the chicken and rice over that for a really nice combination of flavors and textures. We like our roasted broccoli on the crispy side, as you can see.

Spicy Chicken Salad

Sort-Of Buffalo Chicken Salad

  • Or not really, depending on your perspective! Michael threw together a salad using romaine, cucumbers, roma tomatoes and chickpeas; when I got home from BJs we threw the chicken nuggets on top and served it with blue cheese dressing and a little hot sauce. I didn’t realize until I was home that the nuggets were seasoned “general-tso-style,” so that was a slightly different taste experience. But really good, actually.

un-stuffed cabbage soup

Un-Stuffed Cabbage Soup

  • Winning this week’s bad photo award, for sure. I used the recipe from the SkinnyTaste cookbook and doubled it so I could freeze a few containers. I love stuffed cabbage and stuffed peppers so it’s no surprise that I love soups based on those dishes as well. They do have the rather humble look of slop, though. Oh well. It was delicious.

shepherds pie

Shepherd’s Pie

  • Technically I suppose this is a cottage pie, since it uses ground beef instead of lamb? Whatever it is, it’s a very comforting meal. I actually developed a meat free shepherd’s pie recipe years ago when we were both vegetarian and use that as my base when cooking with meat, too. It’s pretty simple and relies on mushrooms, onions and garlic to give lots of flavor to the base. I also like to add a little Worcestershire sauce. Usually I make a kind of broth-y sauce for the meat and vegetables, but I don’t have this recipe written down anywhere and Michael is actually the one who put this meal together, based on my diction. Clearly I left that part out. At any rate, it was so wonderful.

4 thoughts on “What We Ate: March 27 – April 2

  1. “the humble look of slop”. Can I rename my blog with this title? LOL. Well, all your “slop” might be humble but it looks delicious to me. Kudos for another week of great meals, Laura! I never thought about the distinction between cottage pie and shepherd’s pie… to me any meat covered in mashed potatoes and baked is called “shepherd’s pie”. That Sorta Buffalo Chicken Salad looks very pretty and appetizing for something you guys just threw together.

    Are you the one thinking about going to grad school? Or is it your significant other?

    1. Yep, grad school is for me. For a second master’s, actually, which sometimes seems excessive. But mostly feels like I’m on the right track! I’m planning to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor.

  2. I love the term “humble look of slop” It has been my experience that some of the least attractive meals actually taste the best.

    1. Thanks Anne! That is generally my experience as well. Especially since I am such a lover of soups and stews. They seem to trend toward…humble food. 🙂

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