Grocery Haul: Aldi & Target

Over budget again this week, largely due to impulse shopping at Target. If I am lucky, I will be right at budget for the whole month, though. Next week falls into April’s budget in my mind. I’ve had to switch my grocery shopping day, or at least I did this week. I’m not sure what I’ll do next week. I started a new job, and combined with my other job I’m now working almost full time hours. Lots of potential changes coming for me in the next few months, so I foresee a lot of adapting ahead (and lots of trickle down changes, too — for both my and my husband’s routines). I shopped at Target and Aldi this week.


Aldi (produce)

  1. Yellow onions, 3 3lb bags @ $.79/ea
  2. Halo mandarins, 2 3lb bags @ $2.39/ea
  3. Asparagus, 1 lb bag @ $1.99
  4. Mini cucumbers, 1 lb bag @ $1.99
  5. Roma tomatoes, 1 lb bag @ $1.39


Aldi (dairy, meat, pantry)

  1. Shank ham, approx 10.4 lbs @ $.79/lb
  2. Plain Greek yogurt, 32oz @ $3.69
  3. Butter, 8 lbs @ $1.99/lb
  4. Half & half, 32 oz @ $1.89
  5. Hot sauce @ $.85
  6. Wheat squares cereal, 1 box @ $1.39

Total: $44.88

So, I just realized in uploading this photos that I bought salted rather than unsalted butter. I am debating returning them and exchanging for unsalted, but I probably won’t because my schedule for the rest of the week is pretty busy and doesn’t allow for a simple trip to the store, at least not one in which I manage to keep eight pounds of butter from spoiling. I guess I’ll just have to get used to using salted butter in some things. Otherwise, this trip was pretty uneventful. We’re both feeling the need to eat a bit more healthfully, so the cucumbers and tomatoes are part of that goal — I like having fresh snacks and salads prepped for lunches. I needed onions and my need coincided with a really nice price, so I picked up three bags. And the navel oranges have gone up in price and definitely seem to be at the end of their season — more bruised and unripe oranges than I’d previously seen. I passed those by and picked up mandarins instead. Our bag from last week was really yummy. I did end up with a ham; I’ve been doing such a good job cleaning out my freezer that there is actually a reasonable amount of space in there now. I need to reorganize, but I’m pretty pleased that I’ve been keeping to that resolution as well. I’m trying Aldi’s Greek yogurt for the first time — I hope I like it, as it is much more reasonably priced than other brands.

target 032116


  1. Kind bars, 2 boxes @ $4.55/ea
  2. Banana, 1 @ $.29/ea
  3. Garbage bags, 70 ct @ $5.69
  4. Garbage disposal cleaner, 5 ct @ $3.99

Total: $19.75

I met a friend earlier in the day at a park for conversation and walking. I did not prepare well and ended up hungry and at the store right around lunch time. The Kind bars were on sale and a couple of friends have been raving about them. I really prefer for my snacks to be a little higher in protein as I struggle to keep my blood sugar levels even throughout the day (I am prone to low blood sugar), so I thought I’d try these. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to actually try making my own version of Kind bars but still need to pick up a number of ingredients and I thought I’d see if I actually like them enough to do so. I think they’re kind of expensive, although they are good. Also, I’m annoyed that the higher protein bars are all savory/”bold” flavors. I liked the BBQ bar, but found it kind of an odd mashup. Oh well. I love spiced nuts and party mixes, so I’m not sure why turning it into a bar has my mind all mixed up, but there you go. I’m not sure that the bars are quite worth the expense, although I am glad to have tried them out. I also grabbed a single banana to help round out my snack. I really went into the store for non-food items — the little packs for cleaning my garbage disposal and garbage bags for Michael to use for collecting cat litter (I use reusable bags, so never have shopping bags on hand for this purpose, one of those purchases that seems kind of counter-intuitive).

Total: $64.63

Over by a little, once again probably within budget for the month despite the massive butter acquisition this month.



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  1. I am still laughing at the butter! I rearranged my freezer to see if I can fit 10 more pounds in it. I would like to have enough to get through the beginning of Christmas baking when it will be on sale again.

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