Grocery Haul: Fresh Field Farms and Aldi

I’m over budget this week, but happily so — butter was on sale at Aldi and since I wasn’t able to stock up as much over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday due to our travel schedule, I was really hoping to take advantage of the sales that usually occur around Easter. I was getting worried that maybe there wouldn’t be any great sales on butter this spring, as the best price I kept seeing was $2.5/lb. That isn’t the worst, but I really prefer to stock up at $2/lb or so. I was SO HAPPY when I walked into my Aldi this morning and found salted and unsalted butter on sale for $1.99/lb. This wasn’t in the sale flyer, so I felt lucky and immediately put 12 pounds in my cart. I may go back for more. I really don’t want to have to buy any butter until Christmas if I can help it. I never put together a list of grocery goals for March, but if I had done so, butter for sure would have been on it.

Also, I’ve only shopped at Aldi and Fresh Field Farms today. I may run out to Publix later today and pick up some tofu since it is BOGO and a better deal at that price than my normal standard at BJs. At any rate, that would be an additional $2.99 on my total below.

fresh field farms_031616

Fresh Field Farms

  1. Corned beef, 3.249lb @ $3.69/lb
  2. Large bunch broccoli @ $2.00 ea
  3. Italian parsley, 1 bunch @ 5 for $4.00
  4. Strawberries, 3 lbs @ 3 for $5.00

Total: $19.39

I was hoping to find a smaller package of corned beef, but as it was, most of the packages were four – five pounds. So my 3.25 pounder is just fine. 🙂 The strawberries were cheaper the last time I went in, but still a good price. This is slightly higher than Aldi, but these are so much better looking than the ones I saw at Aldi, there were only two packs left at Aldi and I think they may have had a limit on how many you could buy, too. I’ve already eaten half a pound with my lunch. I like to keep parsley around for recipes — with parsley, cilantro and green onions on hand I have garnishes that complement almost every cuisine. And I like to make our food look pretty, so that’s worth it to me.



  1. 2 dozen eggs @ $1.29/doz
  2. Cabbage, 4 heads @ $.79/ea
  3. Sour cream, 16 oz @ $1.19
  4. Organic Milk, half gallon @ $2.95
  5. Hot sauce, 1L @ $1.78
  6. Pineapple, 1 @ $2.29
  7. Red potatoes, 5lb bag @ $1.29
  8. Green onions, 1 bag @ $.99
  9. Navel oranges, 4 lb bag @ $1.79
  10. Halo mandarins, 3lb bag @ $2.39
  11. Multi-colored peppers, 1 lb @ $2.29
  12. Tortilla chips, family size bag @ $2.49
  13. Unsalted butter, 12 lbs @ $1.99/lb

Total: $49.07

The butter contributed half the expense of this trip, but so worth it to me in the long run. I was planning to pick up cabbage at Publix, since it is on sale for $.29/lb, but they were being sold for $.79 each at Aldi. As long as I choose heavy cabbages, I knew my price per pound would come out about even and ultimately make my trip to Publix unnecessary. We are eating a lot of eggs lately, so I picked up a couple more dozen — as long as they stay around this price, I like to keep fresh eggs on hand in addition to the eggs I’d frozen earlier this year. I will probably make some more egg cups this week using some of those frozen eggs. I couldn’t resist picking up more bell peppers even though I still have some from last week — one of my favorite veggies and a little lower priced than normal. Oranges were still a great deal, but you can tell that the season is nearing the end — a few more with yellow or green spots meant that I only grabbed one bag of those and then also picked up a bag of clementines for snacking. Everything else is pretty straightforward. I’ve not ever bought a ham from Aldi before, but the price is kind of tempting. I still have one in the freezer, but I will cook it in the next month or so; it would be nice to have a couple still in the freezer once that one is gone. Maybe next week.

Weekly Total: $68.46.

Over by $8.46, although not over for the month since both of the previous two weeks saw me under $50.


2 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: Fresh Field Farms and Aldi

  1. I hit Aldi today also. Fortunately the strawberries at mine were really nice looking berries and now I am teed I only bought 2. I grabbed 2 of the 79 cent per pound hams for the freezer. They take up a ton of freezer real estate! Will let you know how they taste. Laughing because I now have 15 pounds of butter in the freezer and am thinking I might need more too!

    1. Butter worry — it’s real! 🙂 I think I will end up with a ham — probably my favorite large meat to cook (well, I’m sure I’d love a huge old beef tenderloin, but that is unlikely right now…) and eat. So a better investment than my initial foray in stocking up on all the chicken leg quarters in the world and then realizing that I don’t really love them, like at all.

      I’m glad your strawberries looked good — I love this time of year.

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