What We Ate: Feb 28 – March 12

Combined two weeks worth of eating in this post since I got a little off course during my parents’ visit AND because we ate out often enough to feel like I didn’t have a full week’s worth of meals during the first part of their visit.

march meals 1

  1. arroz con pollo/Coconut Cake
    1. Michael’s birthday meal and also a recipe on my list of “to-tries” from last month. The arroz con pollo was amazing — so pretty and so tasty. My coconut cake was also delicious although it’s a little lopsided. Cake decorating is not my biggest priority. I did halve the recipe as there were only four of us eating and it was incredibly rich. Delicious! But almost three sticks of butter just in the halved cake and frosting recipes.
  2. Tofu and Pepper Stir Fry.
    1. I’d been hungry for this, and my parents had never tried tofu before so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to broaden their palates. I am happy to say the both enjoyed it — “I’d even eat it again,” said my dad. They were a little apprehensive.
  3. BBQ, Sweet Potatoes, & Sauteed Kale
    1. Rather than eating out one evening, we picked up some pulled pork and ribs from a local BBQ place and I baked sweet potatoes, sauteed some kale and made garlic bread for our sides. Delicious!

march meals 2

  1. Ham & Cheese Crepes, Grapefruit & Avocado Salad.
    1. Another winner. I love the grapefruit and avocado salad and the great prices on both of these things at Aldi lately made it a very affordable and delicious side to the crepes. I wasn’t thinking though, and my dad couldn’t eat the salad because of the grapefruit (it interferes with a medication he takes).
  2. Ham & Cheese Mini Quiche.
    1. I love these little things! They are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. I used six whole eggs and six egg whites that had been in my freezer to make a dozen hearty egg cups.
  3. Pizza Night: Made two homemade pizzas using Lili’s crust recipe.
    1. One was topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, the other pepperoni. I really love my homemade pizza now that I have a crust recipe that works and a perfect sauce recipe, too.
  4. Cacio e pepe (Spaghetti with romano and black pepper), roasted broccoli.
    1. Simple supper for just the two of us. Comfort food.
  5.  Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos (slow cooker)
    1. No picture of this dish, but it’s a perennial favorite. The recipe is a crock pot freezer meal from Six Sisters’ Stuff, although I just threw mine straight into the crock pot, no freezer involved this time around. Like a lot of slow cooker recipes, this isn’t particularly photogenic but it is amazingly tasty.

2 thoughts on “What We Ate: Feb 28 – March 12

  1. Everything looks so yummy! I have to get the cooking rut I’m in and expand to try some new things! I have about a zillion recipes pinned on Pinterest so I don’t have any excuses! LOL

  2. Thanks Traycee! We did eat well while my parents were here. I know what you mean about cooking ruts — I think the things we cook and the food we crave often reflect whatever season we are in in our lives. When I look back on what I made 5 or 10 years ago, I see quite a few things that are the same, but many things that have just fallen to the wayside. Not because they were bad or anything, they just…went away. Sometimes thinking about those old forgotten favorites actually puts me in the mood to make them again!

    It sounds like you have lots of inspiration already, but I really love the Budget Bytes, Good Cheap Eats and (newish to me) the Skinnytaste website for healthy and relatively affordable recipes.

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