Grocery Haul: BJs and Aldi

Just two trips this week — my parents left this morning and took us out to breakfast. I think we’ve eaten out more these last few days than we normally do in a month. I am not complaining at all, it was super generous of my parents and my mom especially likes to “give the cook a break,” but I definitely feel a little knocked off balance as far as my kitchen routines are concerned. Anyway, made a quick run to BJs early in the week and then hit Aldi this morning.



  1. Organic bananas, 2lb bunch @ $1.38
  2. Strawberries, 1lb @ $1.29
  3. Brussels Sprouts 1lb @ $2.29
  4. Navel Oranges 2 4lb bags @ $1.79/ea
  5. Brown sugar, 2lb bag @ $1.29
  6. Dried mango, 6oz bag $3.79
  7. Eggs, 1 dozen @ $1.29
  8. Bell peppers, 1lb @ $2.79
  9. Valentina hot sauce @ $1.78
  10. Spinach, 8oz @ $1.79

Total: $21.27

Michael went with me today and was excited about the hot sauce — it’s the brand our local Mexican restaurant serves at the table and we usually can only find small bottles. He also thought the brussels sprouts looked good, so they came home as well. Otherwise, I picked up a few things that I needed/wanted for recipes and snacking and called it a day. We really have so much food on hand that I don’t need to do a ton of shopping right now.



  1. Coffee, 40oz bag @ $19.99 (minus $5 coupon)
  2. Tofu, 2 12 oz blocks @ $3.79
  3. Sharp white cheddar, 2lb @ $5.79

Total: $24.57

Fresh Field Farms

  1. Cilantro, 1 bunch @ $.40

Total: $.40

I stopped by Bjs after a morning hiking with my parents and they found a few things they wanted to grab for their drive home. I didn’t need very much there, but wanted to grab coffee as the $5 off coupon would expire soon and…I don’t like to run out of coffee!! Also, I made a tofu stir fry one evening for dinner and needed an additional block, so that went in the cart, too. I can’t find a better price on organic tofu unless it goes on a BOGO sale at Public (next week, d’oh) plus we’re trying to really increase the number of totally vegetarian meals we eat. And cheese. This is about the perfect amount for 6-8 weeks for us, although I did have some mold on the last little bit that I had to throw out. This annoys me on a number of levels, although I hesitate to try anything new and risk more mold. Right now I cut off hunks as needed and wrap the rest back up tightly and pack in a ziploc bag. I try to minimize the amount of time I handle the larger piece of cheese because I think that helps it keep well. The cilantro is from an awesome store in town called Fresh Field Farms — they sell only fresh foods, mostly produce, but also meat, poultry, eggs and some dairy. They have a limited array of dried beans and some herbs, too. They don’t always have the best prices, although they do have very competitive prices and the produce quality is outstanding. I will probably be stopping by frequently now that strawberries are in season as they consistently have great prices on berries. And they try to offer a decent range of grown in Florida produce, too, so I like to support that.

Weekly Total: $46.24

I’m happy any week I stay under $60. I will need to run to BJs for a few other things later in the month, but held off because their sale cycle is a little weird and I can take advantage of some different deals at that time. But I really needed coffee now. 🙂