Grocery Haul: Aldi & Publix

These photos are from last week’s grocery run. I’m a little off-balance with posting as my parents have been visiting the last ten days and my schedule in general is way off.



  1. Navel oranges, 2 4lb bags @$1.99/ea
  2. Multi-colored peppers, 1 1lb bag @ $2.79
  3. Avocados, 2 @ $.49/ea
  4. Garlic, $.99
  5. Broccoli, $1.59
  6. Organic bananas, 2lb bunch @ $1.38
  7. Eggs, 1 dozen @ $1.49
  8. Baking sprinkles, 1 canister @ $.49
  9. Grapefruit, 5 @ $.29/ea
  10. Whole tomatoes, 2 28oz cans @ $.79/ea
  11. Half & Half, 1 qt. @ $1.89
  12. Heavy whipping cream, 1 pt @ $1.89
  13. Tortilla chips, 24 oz bag @ $2.49

Total: $23.08

Peppers were not on sale but these always look amazing and even this price is quite a bit cheaper than what I find at the other grocers. We used the whole bag up in a tofu stir fry, not the most frugal way to handle them, but certainly delicious. I’ve been buying the organic bananas at Aldi because they are the same price as the regular bananas at Publix AND I’ve found that the conventional bananas at Aldi and BJs are very green but tend to get weirdly soft before they ripen. Both stores sell their bananas in bags, so maybe that has something to do with it? The organic bananas are just wrapped in 2lb bunches, but left open to the air. I picked up the heavy cream because I was intending to make strawberry shortcake, but we’ve been eating so much junk with guests in the house, PLUS Michael’s birthday cake is a bit of a baking extravaganza, so…I’ll have to find another use for the cream. I have to say that I am so pleased with the quality of the produce I’ve been able to find at Aldi. I love having lots of fresh produce readily available. My mom was skeptical that we’d go through all the oranges we had on hand (she’d picked up a bag as well) but I’m due to go shopping again tomorrow and we have two oranges left in the fruit bowl. Lots of vitamin C being consumed around here. 🙂



  1. Pasta 2 1 lb boxes @ $1.69/ea BOGO
  2. Rotel, 4 cans @ $1.49/ea BOGO
  3. Hunts tomatoes, 4 14oz cans @ $1.53/ea BOGO
  4. Progresso Bread Crumbs, 2 19oz canisters @ $1.89/ea BOGO
  5. Mission soft taco size tortillas, 2 20 ct. bags @ $3.09/ea BOGO
  6. Publix iced green tea, half gallon @ $1.89 (not pictured)

Total: $12.71

Some great BOGO deals at Publix this week; a few of these items have similar equivalents at Aldi, but for now I prefer these brands AND the BOGO pricing makes the cost very comparable. Anytime I find tortillas BOGO, I try to grab a couple of packs because we really use them for so many different things. Also, I had a Publix digital coupon to use on the pasta, so those ended up costing me about $.35/box. When it first came out, I thought the pot sized stuff was so silly, but I actually really like the convenience of it!

Except for the tea, this trip was all about items for stocking up. I never buy stuff like the green tea but my parents really liked it when we had subs on a picnic one day during their visit, so they requested it again. It is very tasty.

Not Pictured:

  1. Publix iced green tea, half gallon @ $1.89
  2. Publix Italian sub, 2 whole @ $4.99/ea

Total: $12.71

We visited the local zoo with my parents and they generously bought the entrance tickets, in exchange for us purchasing lunch. We grabbed a couple of Publix subs and some tea and had a nice picnic at the zoo!

Total for the week: $48.50

Well under my goal of $60/week, but definitely supplemented by several dinners out on my parent’s dime.