Grocery Haul: Aldi, WalMart, Other…


Aldi: Fresh Produce

  1. Navel oranges, 2 3 lb bags @ $1.99/ea
  2. Halo Cuties, 3 lb bag @ $2.33
  3. Lemons, 2 lb bag @ $1.79
  4. Organic bananas, 2 lbs @ $.59/lb
  5. McIntosh apples, 3 lbs @ $1.49
  6. Fuji apples, 3 lbs @ $1.49
  7. Avocado, 1 @ $.65/ea
  8. Mini cucumbers, 1 lb @ $1.99


Aldi: Other

  1. Family boneless, skinless chicken breast 5.23 lb @ $7.79
  2. Sour Cream, 16 oz @ $1.19
  3. Lentils, 2 1 lb bags @ $.89/ea
  4. Confectioners Sugar, 2 lb bag @ $1.29
  5. Pretzel sticks @ $1.29

Aldi Total: $28.50

My parents are visiting us soon and so I stocked up on produce for snacking while they are here. Although I probably would have bought almost the same amount of fruit for Michael and I — we try to snack primarily on fruit, although salty things can be a downfall (more on that below). And, like Nathalie has mentioned on her blog — these navel oranges have been amazingly sweet. And the price cannot be beat — what amazes me is that they’ve been this price for almost a month. I know they’re in season, it’s just kind of crazy compared to “regular” grocery stores.

Again, I didn’t need the chicken breast, but picked it up because I will be working when my parents arrive and I want to cook up this whole pack into some easy meals/meal components to have on hand for when they are here rather than stressing about what I’m going to cook when I get off work. And I confess that using fresh chicken is a time saver when compared to defrosting the packs I already have in the freezer. So…a little bit of a convenience buy, here. More lentils since they were still available — I doubt they’ll still be there next week and I now have 8 pounds in my pantry — probably enough to hold off on buying anymore. Confectioners sugar because I am almost out and Michael’s birthday is next month — we will celebrate while my parents are here. Pretzels for snacking and Chex Mix. Sour cream because I use it in so many recipes — either as part of the recipe, or as accompaniment.



  1. Toilet paper, 30 rolls @ $12.97
  2. Greek Yogurt, 3 lbs @ $5.68

Total: $19.56

Not much to say here — we needed toilet paper and I’ve finally been craving yogurt again. This is a huge container but I am somewhat picky about what goes into my dairy products and I am also picky about taste. This was a very reasonable price for a higher quality (in my opinion) yogurt that I really enjoy. When I’ve tried to cut the budget by buying a brand or type of yogurt that I just don’t enjoy, it goes to waste. Which is a double waste.

Not Pictured:

  1. Baker’s Dozen Bagel Pack with Cream Cheese Spread — $10.99
  2. Pringles, 2 cans @ $1.50/ea

Total: $13.99

These are total splurges and on the one hand I’m a little annoyed with myself. On the other hand…I’m still annoyed but trying to be forgiving of myself. The bagels are from a bakery not close to us that I visited when meeting a friend for breakfast one day. Michael asked me to pick up a dozen and since my parents are coming into town and it will be a nice thing to have on hand for them, too, I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. The thing that annoys me about this purchase is that this bakery offers their bagel dozens at half price on a different day of the week than the one I visited and if I had realized that, I would have planned to meet my friend there on that day instead. Live and learn. I did have a coupon to use toward the bagel pack, so that brought the price down somewhat. I have no real excuse for the Pringles other than I was having some serious cravings related to my cycle and I didn’t plan well so ended up not having enough food on hand for me to eat while I was out at work and then doing some volunteer things. They did hit the spot, though. To be clear — I don’t really have value judgements about food in the sense that I think that there are so many ways to eat and be healthy — and we all have splurges/treats/etc. I’m just annoyed because I know I could have gotten Pringles or other chips for cheaper if I’d been planning this purchase. And I’m also annoyed because while I don’t have value judgements for food in general — I do specifically have goals regarding my own diet and nutrition and Pringles don’t really fit on that plan right now.

Weekly Grocery Total: $62.05

Once again I am right over my weekly goal of $60. I will be stopping in to Publix this weekend to pick up some beer, but the majority of my shopping should be done for the month. I took pictures, but never shared the groceries I bought at the beginning of the month — I think I may do that early next week as a kind of monthly recap.

As a general recap, I am striving to spend $60/week on groceries & personal care items and have allocated another $100/month for a stock up trip to BJs, a warehouse store where Michael and I are members. I was able to completely skip the stock up trip to BJs this month, and need to reconsider that approach. I think I could get by with an every other month trip if I plan well. We are definitely low on some of the things I purchase there, but the only thing that really won’t last us a whole two months is coffee. Which probably means I just need to buy double or plan for a smaller trip to BJs like I did this month. Something to ponder.



4 thoughts on “Grocery Haul: Aldi, WalMart, Other…

  1. Dang it, did you go to Aldi today? My Aldi was out of the cheap apples yesterday and I decided not to go today (although I was close to it) since I realized that I was over budget for the month already. My orange bags were 4 lbs each, were yours really 3 lbs? I bought 2 of them yesterday thinking about you, lol. I counted the oranges in each bag and got the 2 with the most oranges. Same weight but they last me longer that way.

    If, by any chance, you bought your Pringles at Walmart YESTERDAY and have a Save A Lot in the area,make sure to submit your receipt to the Savings Catcher in case it price matches Save A Lot: they had them on sale at $0.79 through yesterday. I always submit my receipts just in case, I earned $2.39 in a couple of months, not a ton of money but I didn’t expect it so that was a nice surprise.

    I agree with it being nice to have fresh chicken on hand without having to defrost it! You did very well and were only over by a little bit, nicely done!

    Enjoy your visitors and your bagels. Ah, I love bagels. Breads are my downfall.

    1. Thanks for catching that, Nathalie — my oranges are in 4 lb bags. Good idea to count the number of oranges, that would last longer for us too. They are still delicious. 🙂

      I bought my Pringles last week and not at Walmart, so that’s out. I hardly ever shop at Walmart so I don’t even have the Savings Catcher app. Maybe I’ll reconsider that, though.

      The bagels are yummy — we will definitely enjoy them!

  2. This list is great. We currently do not have Aldi, but may get a few in California soon. I believe they are also the owners of Trader Joe’s. I really need to pay attention to my grocery budget. I am certain it is too much and I could use that money for something more important… like saving for a rainy day or helping out my parents from time to time.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. They are owned by the same company. It’s an entirely different grocery experience, with zero frills, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food I’ve been able to purchase there.

      Good luck with your grocery budget!! Mine is always a work in progress.

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