Grocery Haul: Target, Aldi, Publix

This week’s groceries got a little spread out. We stopped in to Target on Sunday for a little Valentine’s treat and then when I was looking at the sales circulars, the best deals at Winn-Dixie are a part of their weekend sale, so it didn’t make sense for me to hit that store on Wednesday. It will be part of next week’s shopping tally. I really liked getting everything done in one day, but I also really like getting the best deals, so…I can at least combine the trips with other errands to save gas.



We stopped in here on a bit of a whim after picking up some things for Michael at Best Buy. I didn’t have any Nutella for our Valentine’s Day crepes, and we were almost out of bananas, too (also for the crepes). We ended up not even making the crepes on Valentine’s Day because dinner was so filling, but we did make them later in the week. The Cheez-Its were a fun splurge since we both love them but don’t ever buy them because they disappear at an alarming rate. All this to say — this trip wasn’t about getting the best deals.

  1. Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its — $2.89
  2. Toasty Cheez-Its — $2.54
  3. Nutella — $3.57
  4. Bananas — 2 @ $.29/ea

Total: $9.58



  1. Family Pack of Chicken Thighs — $1.77
  2. Half & Half — $1.89
  3. Boot Tread Amber Ale — $6.49
  4. Flat Leaf Spinach — $1.49
  5. Celery — $1.29
  6. Romaine Hearts — $1.99
  7. Sliced Cheddar Cheese — $1.99
  8. Navel Oranges, 4 lb bag — $1.99
  9. Garlic, 3 heads — $.99
  10. Carrots, 2 lb bag — 3 @ $.69/ea
  11. Millville Creamy Wheat — $.99
  12. Green Lentils, 1 lb bag, 3 @ $.89/ea

Total: $26.08

I don’t need chicken thighs, but I do want to make arroz con pollo soon and it’s hard to pass up when they’re $.49/lb. I’ve tucked the package away in the freezer and will make the dish when my parents come to visit at the end of the month. Michael asked me to pick up some beer and so I thought I’d try one of the brands available at Aldi. We’ll see how that turns out. I want greens and so on for salads and the carrots were a GREAT price so I picked up several packs. I love roasted carrots and generally think of this vegetable as a non-negotiable kitchen staple. More oranges — we only have a few left from last week’s massive fruit haul. Lentils were still available and even a little bit cheaper, so once again I picked up three bags. If they are still on sale next week, I will probably pick up a few more. Another unexpected but good purchase was the creamy wheat cereal. I love cream of wheat and this is a great price. We generally eat oats every morning, but a little variety is nice, too.

publix_021716 (1)


  1. Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 2 @ $4.79/ea (BOGO)

Total: $4.79

Quaker cereal was a buy one get one deal this week, and it’s one both of us like. As I mentioned above, we generally eat oatmeal for breakfast, but a change can be nice. This will last us quite a while.



  • 16 oz bag of chopped kale, $1.99
  • 40 oz bag of coffee beans, $19.99

Total: $21.98

I continue to crave red meat and dark greens, a sign that my iron levels are probably low. I don’t love that there are so many stems in this packaged kale, but it’s great price and good quality. It is harder than it should be to find kale around here, actually. The coffee is a non-negotiable staple and we almost ran out because I was hoping to stretch out the time between BJs trips. That would have been a disaster, but actually this will allow me a little more time until a larger “stock-up” trip to BJs is required, so that’s not a bad deal.

Weekly Grocery Total: $62.35

Once again I’m a little over my $60/week goal, but happy to have stretched my funds a little bit by holding off on a “big” shop at BJs until next month.


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  1. I have been a little bummed out by the lack of deals at the grocery store lately. Glad to see someone is doing better than I am!

    1. Aldi is a constant amazement to me. I really wasn’t sure I would like shopping there, but I have certainly come around!

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