What We Ate: Feb. 7 – 13

It was a good week for cooking and eating! Although most of the cooking happened in the beginning of the week. We ate out once this week, planned. And I picked up takeout once this week, unplanned. Weekends are when I work long days. I’m not doing a great job figuring out how to make it work, to cook or have food prepped when I get home. I’ll keep on trying, though!

What did we eat, you ask? Well. Let me share!

Sunday: Pretzel Bites, Dipping Mustard, Pasta Salad, Fruit

  • Superbowl!! We weren’t really on either team’s side (Steelers fans here), but always enjoy good football. And we also are a little bit in mourning for the sad lack of football in the months to come. The pretzel bites were AWESOME and so easy to make. I’ve been following David Lebovitz for a long time and have always had success with his recipes. The pasta salad was thrown together based on what I had on hand and was very much inspired by Erica at The Make-Do Homemaker. It was also pretty good. And there were leftovers for lunch and dinner for pretty much the whole week.

Monday: Sweet and Sticky Chicken Tenders, Roasted Carrots, Cilantro Rice

  • This was really yummy! I had bought two bags of chicken tenders when they were on sale a few weeks ago and had been craving them, although I didn’t really have a recipe in mind. The thing about chicken tenders is that I want them to stay in the tender shape — that’s the appeal of buying them, in my opinion. So I looked up a ton of different recipes and will probably try them out as I use up the rest of what we have in the freezer. But this recipe from White on Rice Couple fit what I was craving last week. The cilantro rice and roasted carrots were perfect accompaniments.

Tuesday: Ham and Cheese Crepes, Roasted Cauliflower

  • I made the crepes in honor of Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday). This is the first time I’ve successfully made them at home; my success was due to the fantastic non-stick pan I have now. When I tried to make them before (once, it was enough), I didn’t have a non-stick pan or really any kind of good pan for them. And it was a stick to the pan, shredded crepe dough, eggy mess. This was so simple and successful from the get-go. And good — ham and cheese is a favorite combo of mine. I made a mustard cream sauce to include in the crepes and over top — really made the dish seem special. We had roasted cauliflower as our vegetable and used the extra batter to make ourselves lemon & sugar dessert crepes!

Wednesday: Loaded baked potatoes, cucumber slices

  • Large bags of potatoes were on sale at Aldi for $3.29. We topped them with leftover ham (I had made one in the crock pot for the ham and cheese crepes and for other meals during the week), cheese, sour cream and scallions. I had some mini-cucumbers that needed to be eaten as well. This was in no way a fancy meal, but it was super filling and very satisfying.

Thursday: Leftovers, Valentine’s Sugar Cookies

  • I made sugar cookies for my co-workers and brought them in on Thursday, since our weekend schedule dictates that not everyone is around on Friday and Saturdays. They were greatly appreciated and Michael & I polished off quite a few as well. We had leftovers for dinner. I use this recipe for the cookies.

Friday: Indian Restaurant, Ice Cream

  • We went out for dinner on Friday to an Indian Restaurant that is fairly new to us, although it has been in the neighborhood for several years now. We tested it out on my birthday, when we went for the weekday lunch buffet. The evening menu service lived up to the promise of the buffet. The food is excellent and the service is quick and good. I ordered vegetable korma and Michael ordered lamb curry. We also ordered naan. We shared our orders and made sure to leave enough for Saturday’s lunch. Since we had been so good, we treated ourselves to small ice cream treats from the soft serve place in the same shopping plaza. That plaza is turning out to have quite a few stellar dining options — in addition to the two above, there is a pizza place we really like and a Brazilian steakhouse. There are a few other restaurants we haven’t tried and we’re interested to learn if they live up to the promise of their neighbors!

Saturday: Fast Food Takeout

  • Ugh. I was tired and hungry and succumbed to the allure of the drive through. Our burgers were pretty good, but less good is paying for food I didn’t plan on and, frankly, don’t prefer. I had a crock pot recipe in the queue, but overslept and didn’t get it put together before I left for work.