Grocery Haul: Aldi, Winn-Dixie, Publix

My Wednesday shopping trip usually involves at least three stores, sometimes four. Or even five if the deals are good/my list is long. I am lucky to have all of these stores within a very reasonable driving distance. And I am also lucky to have the time to shop at all those different stores. This week took my to Aldi, Winn-Dixie & Publix. Since Aldi came to town, my purchases at the other two stores have been minimal, but both do have great loss leaders and reasonable prices on the things that Aldi doesn’t carry but I do still need.



  1. Mushrooms — 4 @ $.79/ea
  2. Half gallon organic mild — $2.95
  3. Large jars crunchy peanut butter — 2 @ $2.99/ea
  4. Yellow onions, 3 lb bag — 2 @ $.89/ea
  5. Russet potatoes, 10 lb bag — $3.29
  6. Canned red kidney beans — 4 @ $.59/ea
  7. Green lentils, 1 lb bag — 3 @ $.99/ea
  8. Navel oranges, 4 lb bag — 2 @ $1.99/ea
  9. Limes, 1 lb bag — $1.29
  10. Cauliflower — $1.79
  11. Mini cucumbers — $1.99
  12. Banana — 2.28 lb @ $.29/lb
  13. Broccoli crowns — $1.89

Total: $35.08

This was a little more than I expected to spend at Aldi, although I usually don’t have an exact amount in mind — the produce availability and prices aren’t always conveyed in their ad and they frequently have seasonal items that fill a need — but again aren’t advertized in their circular so I don’t know exactly what I’ll take home. This time I had planned on getting crunchy peanut butter but had grabbed a small jar from the regular aisle. When I was checking out, I saw that they had the larger jars as an end display on sale for a price that brought the unit cost down. They don’t always have the large jar of crunchy peanut butter plus this is something my husband loves — so it makes sense to keep it on hand. I picked up two jars. Additionally, I saw that they had dried lentils as a “until it’s gone” deal and I grabbed all that I could see, which was three one pound bags. I love lentils but haven’t had any for a while and was hoping I’d come across a good deal on them. As you can also see, I tend to stock up when prices are low. We love mushrooms and I will use up four packets no problem. The yellow onions were on sale below my usual BUY price and even though I had quite a few at home, I snapped up two bags of those as well. I wasn’t sure if oranges would be available and if the price would be good, but they were and it was — so again, I grabbed two bags. Fifty cents a pound for fresh fruit is a fantastic price around here. And the oranges have been so good!!



  1. Pink Lady Apples, 3 lb bags — 2 @ $5.00/ea but BOGO

Total: $4.99

My Winn-Dixie list was super short this week. I was able to pick up a few things at Aldi, so I only went in for the Pink Lady Apples. They aren’t a fantastic price regularly, but WD was offering them buy-one-get-one and that brought the price per pound under a dollar, which I will happily pay for this type of apple, which is one of our favorite varieties. Between these apples, the oranges from Aldi and the grapefruit given to us by our neighbors, my counter is crowded with bowls of fresh fruit. Not a bad problem to have.



  • Mission tortilla chips — $1.50
  • Rotel tomatoes — 6 @ $1.49/ea but BOGO
  • Pace salsa — 4 @ $2.79/ea but BOGO
  • Avocado — 3 @ 3/$2.00
  • St. Ives body wash — 4 @ $2.49/ea but BOGO
  • Planters peanuts — 2 @ $3.99/ea but BOGO

Total: $22.87

Publix had some really good buy-one-get-one sales this week and that is when I like to pick up certain pantry staples. We also needed body wash and I had been waiting for a sale. I am happy if I can get it for less that $1.50/bottle, especially without using coupons. I do not mind using coupons and have seen the benefits of doing so. BUT. The time and energy I was spending on printing them out, keeping track of them and matching to sales wasn’t equaled by the money I was saving. At one point it was, but now with Aldi especially in the picture, coupons just aren’t as lucrative for me. I do use the digital coupons stores make available and I have a couple of shopping apps and save money in that way. The tortilla chips were a bit of a splurge but yummy and a great price to boot.

Weekly Grocery Total: $62.95

This total is a little higher than my goal of $60/week (plus a trip to BJs), but I was able to pick up a few things for my pantry and I don’t expect to pick up very much next week. I have lots of fruit and veggies on hand and I am still trying to work down my freezer food stash.