Monthly Goals: February


I’ve been inspired by some of the blogs I read to write down and keep track of some goals each month. I tend to be the type of person who just makes an enormous to-do list and prioritizes it and then works off of that list for several days or even weeks (it’s huge). But I like the idea of separating out bigger goals from smaller goals, too, so that’s what I’ve done here. Like most to-do lists, this is fairly mundane if you aren’t the person engaged in the activity, but, oh well, it is what it is.

  1. File taxes.
  2. Complete grad school application (for me…eep!)
  3. Completely clean and organize guest room in anticipation of Mom and Dad visiting.
  4. Completely clean and organize the master bedroom so that is a place of peace and rest, rather than the current chaos and mess that it is now.
  5. Organize desk and sewing area so that it is somewhere I’d actually like to be.
  6. Finally get all Christmas decorations put away (blush, yes, they’re boxed up but still out).
  7. Plan (like, purchase tickets and so on) Grand Canyon vacation.
  8. Work out 4 -5 times/week.
  9. Get the back yard into a minimal state of order before my parents’ visit.
  10. Finish table top to sewing stand.

Because I have a lot of junk and clutter, a lot of the cleaning projects kind of nest into one another which is actually overwhelming for me. I wish I could wave a wand and it would all just disappear, but sadly that has never worked. Right now the guest bedroom is kind of a catch all, so I need to really go through those items and determine what is going to happen to it. Or, more realistically, how I’m going to get rid of it. There are things that we don’t necessarily want but which cannot be donated or easily disposed of. That is confusing and usually where I feel like I’ve hit a dead end. But I think I just have to power through and start looking at these items differently and just GET RID OF THEM.