2016 Goals: All the Rest


Happy New Year!!

This is my final post regarding goals for our home and yard in 2016. I’ve run out of steam in creating these lists, plus these spaces are not 100% settled in my mind as far as what I’d like to do with them. I plan to revisit these lists sometime later in the year, after we’ve had a chance to get the ball rolling on those other goals that are at the forefront of my mind. Without further ado, here are the remaining spaces and my vague goals.


  • Majorly clean, declutter and organize.
  • Replace carpet with wood flooring.
  • Paint and possibly do some massive furniture moving/creating/rebuilding.
  • Generally make it a more habitable place to be.

Spare bedroom

  • Majorly clean, declutter, and organize.
  • Replace carpet with wood flooring.
  • Settle on an actual plan for the room and commit to making it happen.


  • Majorly clean, declutter and organize.
  • Replace wooden steps to crawl space.
  • Add another appliance outlet; shuffle things to make this happen.
  • Create a nice laundry space.
  • Make it possible to pull at least one car in if necessary.

Back Yard

  • Mow regularly.
  • Keep patio tidy and make it a space that we want to use.
  • Figure out how to get rid of the damn blackberry vines that take over everything.
  • Possibly re-sod or re-seed or just put down something that isn’t 80% weeds.