2016 Goals: Sewing Nook


This is a small space between the living room and dining room; it doesn’t exist so much as I have carved out the space and made it exist. I have a lot of plans regarding sewing this year, and keeping this space tidy and adapting it to better suit my needs are important.

  • Hang hooks under bookcase
  • Move microwave cupboard to kitchen, find a place to store craft materials currently stored within
  • Finish table top to sewing machine table, bring into nook where microwave cabinet stood
  • Organize bookshelves and sewing patterns
  • Finish hanging wall art
  • Take down folding table and figure out storage options for those items
  • Deep clean, declutter and reorganize desk area
  • Make space functional and comfortable
  • Generally figure out how to best organize sewing supplies between this nook and the spare bedroom