Goals for 2016: The Entry & Dining Room


These areas are pretty well put together, but there are a few small improvements that need to be completed, as well as some decorating I just never got finished.

  • Finish fixing narrow strips of flooring along hall baseboard.
  • Hang prints/paintings in hall.
  • Add a shelf to entry closet.
  • Majorly declutter and organize closet.
  • Build out window trim and remove drapes.
  • Build or buy a new dining table (we need a larger table).
  • Find a rug for dining room.
  • Replace door handles on corner cupboard.
  • Consider additional wall art for dining area.

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2016: The Entry & Dining Room

  1. Reading your goal lists has made me start one of my own. I am not sure yet if I should thank you or not. I will let you know mid-way through one of projects (like painting…I hate painting)

    1. Haha…glad you’re joining me! I’m sure you will do great! I like the idea of most projects more than the actual doing of them (I try, but I’m not really a process person).

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