2016 Goals: Master Bath & Bedroom


Master Bath

Long term goals include a MAJOR overhaul of this space, but for now I’d just like to make it more pleasant and better organized.

  • Maintain a regular cleaning routine.
  • Re-caulk shower
  • Re-caulk around sinks and vanity.
  • Move chair into bathroom.
  • Major declutter and organization of vanity.
  • Replace child (cat) proof locks on doors.
  • Replace toilet seat.

Mater Bedroom

We did a LOT of work on this room about a year and a half ago, but there are some details to work out, most of which include furniture and layout.

  • Majorly organize and declutter.
  • Paint wall behind bed (black, chalkboard paint).
  • Hang prints.
  • Re-wire and paint lamps, install on nightstands.
  • Figure out how both nightstands can be the same height, without exactly matching.
  • Find a rug (or two) for under the bed.
  • Have bed frame powder coated.
  • Replace clothes hampers with something visually appealing.
  • Slightly re-arrange dressers.
  • Try to fix veneer on dressers.
  • Move big armchair into bedroom. Make a slipcover.
  • Organize and declutter closet.
  • Build out trim around windows.
  • Replace hollow-core doors with something more substantial.