2016 Goals: The Kitchen


In the long term, we’d like to almost completely gut the kitchen and replace the cupboards, sink, counters and floor. And bring in new appliances. That’s a ways down the road, though, so for now my focus is on those projects that can make our kitchen just a bit more functional and attractive the way it is right now.


  • Build out window trim so drapes and drapery rod can be removed.
  • Move light on eating side of kitchen so that it is actually centered over the table.
  • Move old microwave cart back into kitchen. Move toaster oven to sit on cart and store extra-large pots and pans in bottom. Store kitchen linens in drawer.
  • Add sliders to lower kitchen cabinets.
  • Organize under the sink and make space for a recycling bin.
  • Get or make a vertical towel rod to store roll of paper towels.
  • Get or make vertical spinner to store garbage bags.
  • Finally frame and hang posters on kitchen walls. Consider other wall art.
  • Paint inside of pantry and install strip lights. Possibly replace wire shelves with wooden shelves.
  • Replace garbage can with something more aesthetically appealing.
  • Declutter drawers and cabinets; line with shelf liner from IKEA (non-skid, slightly cushioned)
  • Replace child-locks on cabinet doors.