Goals, Goals, Goals


I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions and getting things done and just generally what some of my goals are for next year. Rather than make resolutions, I thought I’d just make lists of the different projects I’d like to tackle in and around my house. I have a perennial goal to become more organized and to streamline our possessions; these lists are projects that should aid in that goal, as well as make our home a more attractive and comfortable place to live.

My lists are broken down by room and are extensive enough that I want to devote one post to each room. The spaces I want to improve include:

  1. The Kitchen
  2. The Master Bedroom & Master Bathroom
  3. The Living Room
  4. The Entry Hall and Dining Room
  5. The Sewing Nook
  6. The Office
  7. The Back Hall and Guest Bathroom
  8. The Guest Bedroom
  9. The Backyard & Patio

I hope to complete these lists and posts by December 31, leaving me to devote my attention to actually working on these projects in 2016!


2 thoughts on “Goals, Goals, Goals

  1. It’s great that you have made your general list of 2016 projects already! I agree with you that putting it in project form instead of “resolutions” will help get you closer to where you want to be since these projects are measurable! Can’t wait to read your detailed posts regarding what you would like to accomplish in each area. =)

    1. Thanks!! The lists are so long! I was working on them while I had some downtime at work today and my coworker asked me how many rooms I had in my house. đŸ™‚

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