Five Frugal Things: September 28 Edition

dollars & cents

  1. Granulated sugar was on a one-day sale at Winn-Dixie for $1.58/bag, which is a fantastic price. I picked up 6 bags.
  2. I made potato soup to use up a bag of potatoes. One potato had gone bad and I find that generally reduces the life span of any other potatoes sharing the same real estate.
  3. We have plenty of meat and fish in the freezer, so I did not buy any tilapia at Winn-Dixie, even though it was a great price.
  4. I made my own version of KIND bars so that I can take a snack with me to work rather than buying packaged crackers or, worst of all, getting something out of the vending machine.
  5. Even though it’s not my favorite, I’m using up my current bathroom cleaner before buying a new bottle (of something I prefer).