Three Things: Weekly Goals

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I had three goals for last week. I managed to get work done on two of them, but did not manage to finish any of them. Grumble. My work schedule changed and it requires me to spend more time out of the house. In some ways this gives me more time/opportunities to run or combine errands, but the other effect is that I have less time for projects at home. So, an update on last week’s three things:

  1. Fix the bottom of the reading chair.
    1. I thought this would take about 10 minutes, but I need to actually find a piece of heavy duty fabric as the cats have ripped the bottom beyond a simple staple job. So–project assessed, but I still am figuring out what to use to finish the job (I know that I have suitable material here, it’s just figuring out where it is and how to actually get it done).
  2. Complete pantry organization.
    1. Ha. Ha. Still working on it. I had a wild hair the other day to completely replace the shelving in the pantry but that is not really an option right now. At this point there is mostly chaos in the kitchen.
  3. Finish the two rows to complete a quilt top.
    1. Didn’t have a chance to work on that at all.

A few things I did get done, despite myself:

  1. Found a replacement filter for the fridge and installed it.
  2. Met a friend for a loooonnng overdue lunch and chat.
  3. Froze a few quarts of peaches.

Three Things for This Week:

  1. Make a few batches of peach jam/preserves.
  2. Finish the quilt top.
  3. Complete the pantry organization.