Shopping Goals for September


I’ve seen a few other bloggers post these each month and thought I’d give it a try. I like the idea of giving myself a framework to work within each month, beyond just a budgetary figure. This list includes items beyond just our grocery budget.


  • Frozen Peas — frozen foods are on sale at BJs and I’d like to stock up on these and a few other freezer staples.
  • Frozen Spinach — ditto the above
  • Frozen Corn — ditto the above
  • Coffee — there is a $5 off coupon for Starbucks coffee beans, again at BJs. We go through a lot of coffee each month and I like these beans especially. I will buy a couple of bags. I can usually redeem the star rewards for bonus stars as well, earning me free drinks at Starbucks for products I’d buy anyway.
  • Peaches — half bushels are available at the wholesale market for a good price; I’m considering getting a whole bushel as I know I want to put up several jars of jam and possibly freeze or can peach slices. Pretty sure a pie will get made at some point as well.
  • Canned tomatoes — I’ve been letting my store of canned tomatoes run down while I figure out what I want to do here. In the past I’ve kept a variety of different kinds of canned tomatoes on hand, but am wondering now if I can simplify and purchase just one or two kinds? I’d really like to get the large cans of whole peeled tomatoes, as those are my favorite for making sauce and pretty versatile for other uses too. Unfortunately, no one here sells those in an industrial size and I only rarely see the 28oz cans on sale in the grocery store. If they ever go BOGO at Publix I am going to order several cases, but until that happens…I’m not sure. Anyway, I need tomato sauce (which I use to make enchilada sauce, as a base for some curries and to just perfectly extend a quart of soup when needed) for sure. I guess we’ll see what I decide about the other tomatoes!
  • Flour — since I’ve been baking more, I go through this more quickly. I have some in my freezer but want to keep an eye out for any good sales. They aren’t likely until closer to the holidays, but I just want to stay aware.
  • Oats — as mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve already placed an order for a 50lb bag. I’ll pick that up as soon as it’s available.
  • Carrots — I like to buy large-ish bags as they keep forever in the crisper drawer and they are cheaper when bought in bulk.
  • Onions — It annoys me that onions are so frequently over a dollar a pound. Occasionally Save-A-Lot runs a sale for 3LBs for $.99. If that or a similar sale is available, I will buy a lot of onions and chop them up into half and one cup portions to freeze for use in future recipes.
  • Dry Milk Powder — I don’t love drinking dry milk, but I do appreciate having it on hand for baking and other recipes.


  • Laundry detergent
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Hardwood floor cleaner
  • Filters for the reverse osmosis system and for the water line in the fridge.
  • Canning jars, possibly
  • Lanterns and batteries for flashlights (upkeep on hurricane prep)

Lawn & Garden

  • Plastic edging
  • Mulch
  • Yard waste bags
  • Patience and a Zen attitude (can you buy this? I really need it — the garden stresses me out.)

Holidays, Birthdays & Other Gifts

  • Baby gift for a friend — handmade
  • Birthday gift for my niece — handmade, but will need to pay postage
  • Birthday gift for my nephew — handmade, but will need to pay postage
  • Keep an eye out for possible Christmas gifts (I want to primarily do a handmade holiday, but if I find something at a great price that matches the wants/needs of someone on my list, I’ll snatch it up and take a little off my own to-make list)

I think that’s everything!