I lack it. I am the absolute queen of starting projects and not finishing them. Or, more accurately, starting projects, allowing them to linger in a half finished state for AGES and then, since everything has been sitting in stasis no matter how inconvenient that is for our living conditions, getting totally annoyed and either finishing the project in a very half-assed manner OR packing it up in the half-finished state and ignoring it completely. Out of sight, out of mind.


I’m not sure if this will work (as soon as I write goals down I lose all ambition to complete them…I am my own demotivational poster), but I’m going to start posting three small projects I’d like to complete each week. They range from tiny to small and they just need to be done!

  1. Fix the bottom of the reading chair in front of the fire place. The cats scratched up the liner and I just need to staple it back to the bottom of the seat. It’s been like this for months. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
  2. Finish organizing the pantry and reclaim the kitchen table.
  3. Finish sewing up the top to a baby quilt that is 80% complete. I have two rows to finished and then just need to stitch together the rows. Should be done in one evening.