Random Goals for 2015

A few things I would like to do this year; not goals so much as ongoing projects and/or life list items that I just want to remember:

  • cook more from my cookbooks
  • cook outside my comfort zone
  • broaden the number of world cuisines I feel comfortable cooking at home
  • improve my photography
  • write regularly
  • read more, especially outside of my genre preferences
  • get outside and hike, take advantage of local parks
  • learn how to kayak
  • learn how to paddle board
  • take at least a few weekend trips
  • actually plant and maintain a vegetable garden
  • make things (get crafty) for myself and/or others
  • finally clear out the crap in the garage
  • invite people over more often
  • go through my closet
  • run or walk everyday
  • send birthday cards (on time) to all of my family members
  • write letters to my grandma
  • call my friends more often
  • learn how to give myself actually nice mani and pedicures (right now they look very…train wreck)
  • repaper the kitchen cabinets & declutter/clean as I do each set
  • figure out a way to simply decorate the front porch/entryway
  • figure out what I want to do for window treatments in master bedroom, living room
  • purchase a second set of curtains for kitchen and dining room
  • hang prints and photos in kitchen and hallway

There will be more and they’re ongoing, not necessarily things that need to happen on a timeline, just things I want to get done and have wanted to finish for a while now. Or routines that I need to be purposeful about setting up. I’m hoping that writing them down will make these goals a little more concrete than just having them float through my mind.