Can I Follow a Meal Plan?

And the answer to that question is…kind of. I have a hard time holding myself to the arbitrary list if I’m craving something completely different and we have the ingredients on hand to make what I’m craving. Since I tend to shop to stock our pantry as opposed to buy ingredients for specific recipes, we pretty much always have what I need to make what I want. So there’s that. But the other thing is that making a meal plan is supposed to help with weekly organization — and it does to some degree. I tend to do  better about cooking dinner when I’ve sat down earlier in the week to think about what we have on hand and what we might want to eat. But I do better even if I don’t actually follow the stated plan–just thinking about what dinner makes me more likely to cook, or at least put something together to serve. The last thing is that since there are just two of us, we rarely need as much food as I plan for at the week’s outset. This week has been kind of a success and a fail in that regard. Plenty of food prepped and eaten, not much of it exactly as planned.

Sunday — Friends over for soup and conversation. I served the sausage, white bean and kale soup I’d planned, plus homemade applesauce. They brought an awesome (and huge) loaf of three cheese bread and left the rest of the loaf for us.

Monday — We took advantage of the leftover bread and made chicken sandwiches with pesto mayonaise and trimmings. So good.

Tuesday — I made a small pot of vegetable soup.

Wednesday — I was craving Thai food instead of salmon, so made Easy Thai Peanut Sauce and poured it over jasmine rice, fresh spinach and shredded chicken. I prefer this dish with tofu but had lots of chicken on hand so used that instead.

Thursday — I ate a late lunch after visiting a friend and didn’t feel like cooking. We both fended for ourselves.

Friday — We had lasagna casserole in the freezer that I decided we should use before I start making other dishes to add to the freezer (i was planning to make one zucchini pie to eat for dinner and one for the freezer).

Saturday — We will both just scrounge around; I have a Pampered Chef party to attend and there will be a lot of food there.

2 thoughts on “Can I Follow a Meal Plan?

  1. I can follow a meal plan as a suggestion only. I never know a week in advance what I am in the mood for on any given day, which is why I keep things well stocked and always have a frozen pack of cooked chopped chicken, pork, and beef in the freezer for z quick whatever meal.

  2. Hi Anne — yes that is my general approach, although I like to plan things too. But it’s like they are two separate exercises! It does help for me to have a plan on afternoons when I won’t get home until late; I can usually either put something in the crockpot, pull something out of the freezer or have dinner started to the point where my husband can just do the finishing bits.

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