I Have a White Refrigerator

I was wandering around Pinterest this evening and saw a pin called “is it ok to have white appliances”. I am here to tell you that it is in fact, just fine to have white appliances and that your life will not end if you do not have the ever coveted stainless steel. Our appliances came with our house when we bought it a few years ago. They are relatively new and in good shape, and the kitchen, while not updated with granite and those crazy big cabinets, had been updated to the point of painting the old, 80s cabinets white and at some point a white laminate counter top had been added. We added a few coats of paint and so while the kitchen isn’t totally updated, it certainly works for us. But even if we had inherited beige appliances, brown cabinets and floral linoleum, I can tell you that worrying about the color of my appliances would probably not been at the top of the list. Kitchens are expensive to redecorate! If you can’t find a little peace and happiness to live the with what you have now, I’m not sure that all new appliances are going to be the panacea you’re hoping for!